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Green Star Juicer – 1000

If you are looking for the best home juicer, then you are looking at the right brand – Green Star.

Green Star juicers are my favorite and this Green Start 1000 is the exact one that is sitting on my kitchen counter. There is no other juicer that makes juice taste so good. And, yes, the type of juicer definitely matters and impacts the taste of the juice.

Key Highlights:

– Powerful twin gear triturates (crushes) the fruits and vegetables, which minimizes oxidation. Why is this so important?

This allows the juice to be stored for a day. With other juicers that use a blade, you need to drink the juice immediately or you lose much of the health benefit of juicing.

– Expels a very dry pulp, which indicates a very high nutrient extraction

– Juices fruits, vegetables AND wheatgrass

Other Important Attributes:

– Low 110rpm, superior to those of any competitor

– Easy to clean: approximately 5 to 8 minutes

– Dimension: 20.75” x 10” x 15”

– Weight: 21 pounds

If you are serious about juicing, this is THE juicer to own. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!