Another Reason to Eat Organic – The Water Supply in the Midwest is Becoming a Serious Health Risk

I got a comment from someone the other day who said “Why should we care about GMOs (genetically-modified organisms)? Let them grow what they want. It doesn’t impact the people who eat organic.”

Unfortunately, this individual could not have been more wrong.

GMOs impact everyone, including people who eat 100% organic, and a recent study from the Pesticide Action Network confirms this.

Water sampling results from communities across four Midwestern states — Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota — indicate Atrazine is present in drinking water at levels well above those linked to birth defects and low birth weight.


Present in 94% of our water supply, Atrazine is a toxic weed killer and 76 million pounds of it is dumped onto our farms each year, mostly for corn.

And the health effects of Atrazine?

– The Pesticide Action Network reports that it has been linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, and cancer.

– The President’s Cancer Panel reported that (PDF) Atrazine “has been shown to affect mammary gland development in animal studies with some findings suggesting multigenerational effects.”

– A study in Environmental Science reported that women who live in agricultural communities in Illinois experience much great menstrual cycle irregularities than women who live in Vermont, an area where Atrazine is sparingly used.

– Professor Tyrone Hayes, Endocrinologist at the University of California, reported from his research that frogs exposed to Atrazine were turning into hermaphrodites.

Syngenta, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer and maker of Atrazine, tried to convince Professor Hayes not to publish the results from his research, but he did not give in to their pressure.

Below is a MUST-WATCH video about Atrazine by The Huffington Post Investigative Fund.



If I lived in the Midwest, I would be absolutely furious.

Because of massive amounts of GMOs, which require extensive pesticide use, the quality of the water supply there is at dangerous levels and is now presenting a serious health risk – even to organic farmers and consumers. It is also causing tremendous environmental damage, including superweeds, which now infest 13 million acres around the U.S.

Yet, the Obama administration is so beholden to Big Ag that it continues to approve one toxic GM-crop after another and is close to giving the green light to a GM-corn that is resistant to 2,4-D, the primary ingredient in Agent Orange.

Believe it or not, there is a very good chance that we’ll soon be spraying Agent Orange on our farmland.


Since President Obama and the USDA/FDA continue to ignore this very dangerous problem, we have to take the matters into our own hands.

There are two things that you can do.

1) Get involved, donate money, and spread the word about the California ballot initiative to label GMOs.


Right now, we are the only developed country in the world not to label GMOs. If we can make the labeling of GMOs mandatory:

– the demand for GM-food will drop.

– the demand for organic will surge.

– toxic pesticide use will decrease, thus making our water supply cleaner.

The USDA/FDA refuses to make the labeling of GMOs mandatory on the federal level, so we have to do it on the state level.

In California, citizens – instead of politicians and bureaucrats – will be voting on this issue later this fall and if California approves this measure, other states will most likely do the same.

Please read this post about the California ballot initiative and consider donating money.

As you can imagine, the major chemical and seeds companies are petrified of this ballot initiative and will spend whatever it takes to defeat it.

Therefore, we need to raise millions to fight their propaganda and educate people on what is really going on.

2) Continue to support and eat organic food. By consuming organic food, we are keeping toxic chemicals out of our bodies AND our public water supply, particularly for those good people in the Midwest.


Big thanks to the Pesticide Action Network for the fantastic work that they are doing.


  • WaterBaby says:

    What exactly are the effects when you drink the water, long term?

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Take a look at the links to the Pesticide Action Network in the post. It talks about Atrazine’s links to cancer, among other health problems.

      Live well,

  • Bob Cooney says:

    Hello Max,
    I live in Chicago-besides signing a petition what can I do to filter my water properly?

    Thanks Bob

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Bob,

      Go to your local organic restaurant and find out who is doing their water filtration. Contact them and see if they do home systems. My best advice.

      Live well,

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