Financial Disclosure

First and foremost, I write about products, services and companies that I believe in. Period. I reject a countless number of offers from companies who want to advertise on Living Maxwell or want me to write about their products in return for payment.

Many times, if I write about a product and it results in the sale of that product on a third-party website, usually Amazon, I will receive an affiliate fee. These fees help support the cost of operating this website. If I write about a product and that product is a sponsor of either Living Maxwell or Pressed Organic Juice Directory, or if I have a some type of financial relationship with that company, this information will be disclosed on that specific blog post.

In December of 2016, I launched Organic Insider and many organic food companies in the industry are now paying subscribers. They are paying to receive my weekly Organic Insider newsletter and have not been guaranteed any coverage on Living Maxwell. However, some companies who are subscribers of Organic Insider will be mentioned on Living Maxwell. If this does happen, it will not be disclosed on that specific blog post that they are a subscriber to Organic Insider. There are just too many to keep track of, so visitors of Living Maxwell should keep this in mind — that some companies mentioned on Living Maxwell may be Organic Insider subscribers.