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Work With Me

I consult with organic food/juice companies from around the world and currently serve on the Board of Advisors of GreenOnyxSakara Life, Hollywood Food Guild, and Seed Food & Wine Festival in Miami.

Where I can offer clients the most value is in the following areas: strategy, partnerships & business development, and marketing. My services can be tailored to meet your needs, whether it be on an hourly basis or something longer term.

If you’d like to discuss how I can be of help to you and your company, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Here is what some people have said about me and my work.

“An organic sensation”
The New York Times

“One of the country’s leading organic food experts”
Shape Magazine

“One of the most trusted voices in the organic food industry”
Vani Hari, Activist and Author of The Food Babe Way

“In my opinion, Max is our industry’s barometer for organic on-trend innovation. He’s made it his life’s mission to be there first, with laser focus, reporting on the cleanest, cutting edge products and ethical business practices. In today’s marketplace, a positive review from Max Goldberg is one of the strongest endorsements/victories a natural brand could hope for.”
Daniel Sullivan, Founder & CEO of TumericALIVE

“If there is one person in this industry who is most likely to own an organic, non-gmo crystal ball for all things food, it’s Max Goldberg. We look to him for his sage advice and wisdom. Max has been an incredible listening ear and steadfast source of reliable advice to us as entrepreneurs in the food space.  His commitment to helping this industry produce the best, cleanest, safest, and quality organic foods is second to none.”
Maggie Jones Patton, Co-Founder of Bitsy’s Brainfood 

“Max Goldberg is truly at the heart of not only absolutely everything happening right now in the vast wellness/organic/non-gmo world and all its myriad related landscapes, and he tends to be 25 steps ahead of anyone else in seeing what is coming down the line. There is just no one more knowledgeable, more passionate, and no hand more firmly on the pulse of the juice world, trends, ingredient, new concepts, products and regulations than Max.”
Lianna Sugarman, Founder & Chief Blending Officer of LuliTonix

“When I think about the organic industry, the first name that comes to mind is Max Goldberg. His vast knowledge, expertise, trend spotting ability and overall involvement in the movement is cutting edge and highly informative. I trust his judgment implicitly and admire his passion, dedication and grasp of what is needed to create a healthier future for us all.”
Michelle Cass, Co-Founder of RawFoodz

“Max has been a trusted advisor and an ‘ear in’ to the organic food industry since we started. He’s personally taken great strides to help us not just with his own knowledge but his network as well. His commitment, passion and knowledge goes above and beyond the average industry leader and has helped us tremendously. Thank you for your support, Max, and I couldn’t have a better friend to lean on as we grow!”
Stephanie Walczak, Founder & CEO of Rawpothecary

“Max Goldberg is to organics what Lee Iacocca was to automobiles. He has his finger on the pulse of the organic industry, and he is not afraid to embrace new and innovative product developments on the leading edge of the business. Max is a good man to have on your team and watching your back. I recommend him without reservation.”
Larry Plesent, Founder & CEO of Vermont Soap Organics

“Not only is Max widely recognized as a thought leader in the natural foods landscape, he has consistently demonstrated that passion combined with a rigorous attention to operational realities can lead to highly valuable insight and an ability to foresee the powerful changes in our industry. ”
Justin Guilbert, Co-Founder of Harmless Harvest

“Max has believed in Two Moms in the Raw from the beginning and has supported our growth and presence in the natural food industry. He is kind, tremendously knowledgable, smart and a gift to those lives he touches.”
Shari Leidich, Founder of Two Moms in the Raw