Kelp – Making its Way Into My Diet

I have always been a big fan of sea vegetables. Mostly, it has either been nori or dulse. However, organic kelp is something that I have been digging into a lot as of late.

For those who don’t know, kelp is a sea vegetable. If you’ve ever had sushi, the black edible “paper” on the outside of the roll is actually seaweed – nori.

If you are eating kelp dry and right out of the bag, like I do, then you will find it very, very tough and very, very salty. I mean ridiculously salty. Naturally salty, that is.

When using kelp in soups or stews, it will expand and become much more tender and easily-chewable. Kelp can also be roasted, boiled, sauteed or marinated.

I am adding kelp into my diet because I want to increase the amount of iodine I consume. Kelp is also rich in minerals and trace elements, including calcium, potassium and magnesium, and it offers substantial amounts of some of the B vitamins.

My preferred brand of choice of kelp is Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. Not only does the company have organic certification but it also harvests the seaweed sustainably and tests extensively for chemicals and PCBs.

This brand of kelp is sold nationwide and can be purchased online HERE.


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