Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo of Stonyfield, talks about the Stonyfield Cafe and Organic Food at the US Open

At this year’s US Open tennis tournament in New York City, Stonyfield had its Stonyfield Cafe outside center court where they served organic and natural food. This was the first time that I can ever remember organic food being served at a major sporting event, and I hope this becomes a regular occurrence.

At the tournament, I caught up with Stonyfield’s President and CE-Yo, Gary Hirshberg, where we talked about the the success of the Stonyfield Cafe and its future plans.

A side note: When I started livingmaxwell about ten months ago, one of my goals was to interview Gary Hirshberg. So, making this happen was a big thrill.

Not only was Gary was featured in the movie Food, Inc. but he is one of the most influential figures in the organic food movement in our country. Aside from his tremendous commitment to organic and the environment, Gary believes that business is the most powerful tool to change the world — something that I agree with 100%.

Also, many thanks to Gary’s wife, Meg Hirshberg (a fellow Brown University alum), who did a great job shooting this segment.


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