Talking About Organic Food and Hybridized Food On Fox News Channel with Supermodel Carol Alt



This past weekend, I was on A Healthy You & Carol Alt on Fox News Channel. On last month’s show, Carol Alt and I discussed the health risks of GMOs and the lack of GMO-labeling in U.S.

In this most recent show, we talked about organic food. Two of the main topics that we covered were the superior nutrition that organic provides, and the difference between hybridized food (allowed in organic food) and genetically-engineered food (not allowed in organic). Read more »

MUST-WATCH: The Colbert Report Mocks GMOs, My Fox Interview Gets Airtime

I got a call at about 8AM this morning from my good friend Karl who lives in Miami.

It was very surprising to hear from him at that hour because we normally talk late at night. However, he had some interesting news to share – my Fox News Channel interview had made The Colbert Report.

Colbert reported on the loss of I-522, the GMO-labeling initiative in Washington State, and took serious aim at GMOs and the GMO-companies who are fighting against labeling. Read more »

Talking About GMOs with Carol Alt on the Fox News Channel

Yesterday on the Fox News Channel, I was on A Healthy You and Carol Alt talking about genetically-modified food.

Carol Alt, a supermodel who has been on over 700 magazine covers and is an author of several raw food books, hosts an amazing show dedicated to health. Much to my surprise, it seems that Fox has given her absolute free rein in terms of content for her show.

Not only has she advocated for raw milk and talked about the dangers of vaccines on her program, but she enthusiastically agreed to discuss GMOs.

And for a major television network to allow the topic of GMO-labeling to be discussed is simply amazing. Read more »

Dr. Oz Finds High Levels of Arsensic in Non-Organic Apple Juice, Takes on ABC News Medical Expert

I cannot tell you how it good it makes me feel to know that Dr. Mehmet Oz, a very influential voice in the medical world, is tackling the dangers that lurk in our food supply and raising awareness about this very serious issue.

Recently, Dr. Oz heard about high levels of arsenic in apple juice and decided to perform his own independent testing on 5 major brands.

What is important to note here is that the EPA has a legally allowable limit of arsenic in drinking water, 10 parts per billion, while there is no arsenic limit for apple juice.

The following are the results of Dr. Oz’s testing and of these, 10 samples came back higher than the arsenic limit allowed in drinking water. Read more »

Extreme Couponing – A Very Disturbing Television Show

Last night, I got home late and put the television on. Since there is something wrong with my cable box (I keep forgetting to call Time Warner), it was on TLC and I could not change the channel.

So, I found myself watching a show called Extreme Couponing. The camera follows very, very serious coupon collectors as they prepare for and go on a massive shopping trip to the supermarket.

Don’t think for one second that these individuals are casual coupon collectors. After all, there is a reason why TLC calls it Extreme Couponing.

They keep coupons in 3-ring binders, have elaborate filing systems, create spreadsheets of their shopping lists, bring full notebooks to the market, jump into dumpsters looking for coupons and steal coupon-laden newspapers from nearby foreclosed properties. Read more »