California Right to Know Campaign Releases First TV Advertisement

For those people who don’t know, there is an incredibly important ballot initiative taking place in California later this fall called Proposition 37.

As I wrote about the other day, Proposition 37 would require the mandatory labeling of genetically-modified food products (GMOs) in California, and the citizens of that state will be voting on it in just a few months.

The opposition – Big Ag, chemical companies, major food corporations and even some parent companies of organic brands – has been donating millions and millions of dollars to defeat this measure. Why?

Because these companies don’t want people to know that what they are eating has been genetically-modified. It is better for these businesses that consumers remain in the dark and not ask any questions about what GMOs could mean for their health.

For the organic industry, this vote could be a real tipping point in getting the country onto organic and off of genetically-modified food. Furthermore, if California passes this measure, it would encourage other states to do the same.

Facing the opposition’s $25 million war chest, our side, which is fighting back with a much smaller $2.5 million bankroll, has started its PR effort.

Just yesterday, I received a link to the above video, which is what the California Right to Know group is putting out to the media.

Please share this post with your network and please consider donating to this very important campaign. Getting approval of Proposition 37 doesn’t just impact the people who live in California – it impacts every single person throughout the U.S.

To learn more about Proposition 37, click HERE.

To learn which food brands are trying to defeat this measure, click HERE.


  • Ken Lonyai says:

    Well done commercial that says it all. (BTW – I distrust silicone cooking utensils too!).

    California will be the real litmus test for consumer’s true concerns about GMOs. If people there don’t fight back and find GMO labeling important, it will tell us what direction the rest of the country is truly headed, despite the enlightenment of so many. If it does pass, expect agro/chem companies to step up the fight/propaganda even more.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Ken,

      I agree with you 100%. California will be the real litmus test, especially considering all of the money and effort that has gone into trying to get this GMO-labeling measure approved. If it doesn’t pass, will these same companies and people have the desire to attempt it again?

      Live well,

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