Eco-Friendly Fridays: Under the Canopy’s Marci Zaroff is Taking Organic into Wyndham Hotels and Bed Bath & Beyond

Written by Max Goldberg on April 17, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

On the third Friday of every month, I have a column called Eco-Friendly Fridays. I started this column because I run across so many amazing organic, non-food items that I believe people ought to know about. While organic food is certainly a major component of living an organic lifestyle, it is not the only part.

When it comes to organic clothing, Marci Zaroff, the founder and president of Under the Canopy, is truly a pioneer. And I don’t say this lightly. Read More »

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Temple Turmeric Founder Daniel Sullivan discusses the New Company Name, Healing Power of the Turmeric Plant

Written by Max Goldberg on April 16, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Recently, I caught up with my good friend Daniel Sullivan, the founder of newly re-branded Temple Turmeric, and we touched on a wide variety of subjects — why his company decided to change its name, what this new name signifies, the power of turmeric, and why his turmeric drink is the best one on the market. Read More »

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GustOrganics in NYC Goes Vegan, Gets Hate….Then Love

Written by Max Goldberg on April 10, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.



GustOrganics, the only certified organic restaurant in New York City, recently made a very big decision to switch its menu from a meat-focused one to 100% plant-based.

And this has caused a tremendous uproar. Read More »

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The Suja Juice Solution is a Proven Winner

Written by Max Goldberg on April 7, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

annie-lawless-the-suja-juice-solutionBefore she became the one of the country’s most successful juice entrepreneurs, Annie Lawless, co-founder of Suja Juice, suffered from awful eczema, allergies, chronic ear infections, asthma and Celiac disease during her teenage years.

Not surprisingly, all of the steroid creams, inhalers, and antihistamines that doctors gave her never provided much help.

So, Annie decided to take matters into her own hands and set out to completely revamp her entire lifestyle. Along with eliminating gluten and dairy from her diet, she became very serious about juicing, which provided her the nutrition that she was severely lacking.

This new approach to food resulted in clear skin, an improved mood, and more energy than she ever had before. And most importantly, all of her health problems disappeared.

The basis of Annie’s turnaround serves as the foundation for her fantastic new book The Suja Juice Solution: 7 Days to Lose Fat, Beat Cravings, and Boost Your Energy. It is incredibly approachable, has a ton of great recipes and beautiful photography, and provides an easy-to-use framework for anyone to dramatically improve their physical and emotional well-being.  Read More »

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Wednesdays at Whole Foods – JugoCool, Bee Time, Fashion Week

Written by Max Goldberg on April 1, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

On the first Wednesday of every other month, I have a column called Wednesdays at Whole Foods. It showcases the most interesting news, products, store events, and happenings at the company.



A few months ago, JugoFresh, a pressed organic juice company with several retail locations in South Florida, opened up a “store within a store” at the new Whole Foods Market in downtown Miami.

This is quite unusual because JugoFresh is one of the very, very few external vendors to have such an arrangement, out of the hundreds of Whole Foods Market stores worldwide. (All items are paid for at the JugoFresh counter, instead of the regular Whole Foods Market checkout line.) Read More »

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10 Very Important Organic Food News Stories to Know About

Written by Max Goldberg on March 29, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.
Photo Credit: Sustainable Pulse

Photo Credit: Sustainable Pulse

There has been A TON going on in the organic food world lately, and here are 10 of the most newsworthy and important stories for you to know about.

1) The biggest bombshell over the past few weeks is that the World Health Organization said that glyphosate – the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide – is a “probable human carcinogen”.

In other words, it “probably causes cancer”.

80% of GM-crops worldwide are engineered to be resistant to Roundup, and the chemical accounts for nearly $6 billion in sales. Read More »

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Eco-Friendly Fridays: Why Bears for Humanity is Such a Fantastic and Important Gift for Kids

Written by Max Goldberg on March 20, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

The best part about having Living Maxwell is that it gives me a vehicle to share important and interesting stories with the world.

While my focus will continue to center around food, I have decided to start a new monthly column called Eco-Friendly Friday. This will showcase some amazing organic, non-food items that I believe people ought to know about, and it will appear on the third Friday of every month. I already have several fantastic things lined up for the next few columns, so stay tuned!


When the founders of Bears for Humanity, Vijay and Renju Prathap (above), became the proud parents of twins two years ago, their worldview totally shifted. The only thing that mattered was the health and well-being of their two little ones, and that meant a shift to consuming organic food and purchasing the safest toys and clothes. Read More »

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