10 Very Important Organic Food News Stories to Know About

Written by Max Goldberg on March 29, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.
Photo Credit: Sustainable Pulse

Photo Credit: Sustainable Pulse

There has been A TON going on in the organic food world lately, and here are 10 of the most newsworthy and important stories for you to know about.

1) The biggest bombshell over the past few weeks is that the World Health Organization said that glyphosate – the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide – is a “probable human carcinogen”.

In other words, it “probably causes cancer”.

80% of GM-crops worldwide are engineered to be resistant to Roundup, and the chemical accounts for nearly $6 billion in sales. Read More »

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Eco-Friendly Fridays: Why Bears for Humanity is Such a Fantastic and Important Gift for Kids

Written by Max Goldberg on March 20, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

The best part about having Living Maxwell is that it gives me a vehicle to share important and interesting stories with the world.

While my focus will continue to center around food, I have decided to start a new monthly column called Eco-Friendly Friday. This will showcase some amazing organic, non-food items that I believe people ought to know about, and it will appear on the third Friday of every month. I already have several fantastic things lined up for the next few columns, so stay tuned!


When the founders of Bears for Humanity, Vijay and Renju Prathap (above), became the proud parents of twins two years ago, their worldview totally shifted. The only thing that mattered was the health and well-being of their two little ones, and that meant a shift to consuming organic food and purchasing the safest toys and clothes. Read More »

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Best Trade Show Booth at Natural Products Expo West 2015 – Nature’s Path

Written by Max Goldberg on March 13, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


After Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East, I give my award for the best trade show booths.

Some companies put a tremendous amount of effort and resources into their booths, and I like to recognize the brands that go the extra mile in this area. To me, it speaks volumes about what kind of a company they are.

At Natural Products Expo West 2015, the clear cut winner was Nature’s Path. Not only was it the best one of the show, but it was one of the most compelling and thoughtful booths I’ve ever seen. Read More »

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Top 5 Organic Food Products from Natural Products Expo West 2015

Written by Max Goldberg on March 12, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

As I do after each Natural Products Expo West and Natural Products Expo East trade show, I give out my awards for the best new organic products.

It wasn’t easy to compile this year’s list, but these five really made a big impression on me. Read More »

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Zana Juices – The Most Impressive Drink I’ve Ever Seen

Written by Max Goldberg on March 2, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.


While shopping at my local organic market in New York City the other day, I spotted a drink that I had never seen before called Zana Juices.

What immediately drew my attention wasn’t the large bottle size but rather its eye-popping price tag of $55 for 32 ounces.

“$55 for what?” I asked myself. Read More »

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A New Wave of Democracy, and How Corporations are Trying to Silence Your Voice and Your Choice

Written by Max Goldberg on February 24, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

Vote here sign in downtown

There are very few people that I learn more from in the organic industry than Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Directory of the Center for Food Safety (CFS) in Washington, D.C.

Not only does Andrew Kimbrell preside over one of the most important non-profits in the fight for healthy and organic food, but he is also one my favorite interviews (see HERE and HERE).

For President’s Day recently, Andrew wrote an excellent piece about what is truly taking place in our country, and I wanted to share it with you below. If you like what he has to say here, be sure to sign up for the CFS newsletter and please consider supporting this phenomenal organization.


President’s Day is an appropriate time to reflect on the state of our U.S. democracy. And there is some very good news across the country about the spread of local democracy, but you have not heard or read much about it in the mainstream media. Remarkably, this democratic surge has taken place despite the massive influx of corporate dollars from those who want to stomp out popular rule as it threatens their power and profits. But more about them later.

Let’s start with the big positive.  Too often, democracy has meant voting every couple of years for a candidate that is “the lesser of two evils.” But now citizens and their representatives all across the country are voting directly on major social and technology issues that impact their families and neighborhoods. Often, they are saying no to technologies that will poison their water, destroy their land and biodiversity, and threaten the health of their children and communities. Read More »

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USDA Approves Genetically-Engineered Apples that Don’t Turn Brown

Written by Max Goldberg on February 13, 2015. Follow Max on Twitter: @livingmaxwell.

It seems like every day that passes, the USDA approves another very risky GMO crop, all to the benefit of biotech/chemical companies and to ZERO benefit for consumers.

This time, the USDA has approved a first-of-its-kind genetically-engineered (GE) apple that doesn’t turn brown after bruising or slicing.

The apple, developed by the company Okanagan Specialty Fruits, uses a relatively new form of genetic engineering called RNA interference, or gene silencing, which has raised numerous concerns from consumer groups, environmentalists, and the apple industry. Read More »

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