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Top 5 Organic Food Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Even though I do not have any children or a pregnant wife (or a wife, for that matter), I give a tremendous amount of thought as to how I would feed my kids.

And given that many of my friends are now pregnant or already have young kids, it is interesting to observe how these parents make decisions about food.

The one thing that I notice is that organic food becomes much more of a priority when children come into the picture.

For many people out there who are completely new to this area and don’t know where to begin, these are are my Top 5 Organic Food Tips for Pregnant Women and New Mothers.

1) Start Now — While You Are Pregnant This is the biggest mistake I see — women don’t start early enough.

I come across many mothers who are very enthusiastic and adamant about feeding their kids organic food.

However, what they fail to realize is that organic habits must start when the mother is pregnant. The food that the mother eats will go directly into the fetus and plays a major role in the health of the child.

I did a videoblog last year talking about this and the study that linked ADHD in kids and pregnant mothers’ exposure to pesticides.

2) Filtered Water High quality water is essential to good health because it hydrates the body and flushes out toxins.

Unfortunately, the tap water in the U.S. is not the healthiest to drink, as the New York Times can attest to, and bottled water isn’t a much better option.

The Environmental Working Group recently released their report which rated all the bottled water brands, and it concluded that filtered water was the best option.

I agree 100%, and ultra-filtered water is what I drink.

Again, any contaminants in the water that a mother intakes will directly impact the fetus.

3) Organic Milk is a Must The biggest thing I tell people is this: If you could only give your kids one organic food, it would be organic milk.

Dr. Samuel Epstein, president of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and author of “What’s in Your Milk?”, believes that non-organic milk is not safe.

I agree. Please make sure that organic milk is a major, major priority.

4) Start Juicing Early While many parents lament the fact that kids don’t eat their organic greens, juicing is a great way to deal with this problem.

If kids are exposed to green juice, rather than candy, at an early age, they will actually crave juice instead of sweets.

Juicing organic fruits and vegetables will be a very effective way for kids to receive the vital nutrients and minerals that their bodies so desperately need.

5) Know the Dirty Dozen If you need to make a choice about which organic foods to buy, make sure you know which conventional ones are the most toxic.

The list of the most toxic fruits and vegetables is called The Dirty Dozen.

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