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  • This is very helpful. I will try to incorporate more biodynamic foods in my diet.

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  • John says:

    Many people in permaculture also hold to a higher, but somewhat different standard than biodynamic. In addition, there are farms that are organic, permaculture, and biodynamic.

  • sharon carson says:

    can the juice be bought direct from the farm? do they ship?

  • Littlewoodenbear says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article Max. It’s great to know there is a standard that is higher than organic and it is practiced by many farms! A high standard for food like biodynamic should be promoted!

  • Lauren Ayers says:

    A friend who farmed BioDynamically told me that a Bay Area chain of high-end grocery stores would buy all that he brought them of veggies and herbs, because they lasted a week or more longer and because they had much better flavor.

    It seems to me that these two traits are the result of the BD “preparations” which the earliest BD farmers developed following Steiner’s indications. These appear to most modern people as superstitious folkways (and they certainly drew from ancient lore).

    There’s Prep 500, for instance, that is made by putting “special” cow manure in cow horns, then burying them at Michelmas and digging them up at Easter. The rich brown humus that results is loaded with bacteria that are used to inoculate compost.

    But Prep 500 has gained other properties that I would consider celestial rather than the terra-based, that may be the reason for the fragrance of the plants that grow in it. The preparation is prepared for spraying in a way that echoes the shape of the cow horn, by stirring for an hour, creating a vortex in one direction, then stirring in the other direction until a vortex is achieved. See pictures here: http://www.biodynamics.in/BD500.htm

    Some of the other compost preparations are just as strange– yarrow flowers stuffed into deer bladders and hung up in direct sunlight for the summer. See them all at: http://ediblemadison.com/articles/view/cosmic-tilth-the-wisdom-of-biodynamics/P5

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