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Pure Rooms are a MUST for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Pure Rooms are a MUST for Wellness-Minded Travelers

Having recently returned from Natural Products Expo West, a very intense and long five days visiting hundreds of trade show booths and meeting with dozens and dozens of people, one thing is very clear — I felt incredibly fortunate to have stayed in a Pure Room. Launched by a company called Pure Wellness, a Pure […]

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Having recently returned from Natural Products Expo West, a very intense and long five days visiting hundreds of trade show booths and meeting with dozens and dozens of people, one thing is very clear — I felt incredibly fortunate to have stayed in a Pure Room.

Launched by a company called Pure Wellness, a Pure Room is an extremely unique hotel offering that is addressing the needs of wellness-minded travelers in a way that I have never seen before. For people who place a serious priority on health, such as myself and many Living Maxwell readers, it is reassuring to know that this lifestyle can be maintained when on the road.

And now that I have stayed in a Pure Room on three separate occasions — most recently at two different hotels in the Los Angeles area for Natural Products Expo West — these hotel rooms have completely changed the way that I think about travel and how I book my accommodations.


There are many hotels throughout the country that promote themselves as “eco-friendly” or “green hotels”, but what distinguishes a Pure Room from the rest is its emphasis on purified air, a hypoallergenic environment, and allergy-friendly bedding.

The specific attributes of a Pure Room include:

* From Healthway, the same company that makes the air purifier that I have in my apartment, a Pure Room has an HW 9-stage DFS Air Purification System.

Utilizing technology developed through a United States Military Grant focused on germ warfare, this air purifier has been proven to capture 99.99% of all particles as small as .007 micron in size, and it eliminates most gases and removes 94-100% of harmful viruses, molds, and bacteria.

* Tea tree oil in the air handling unit, which gets pumped out into the room, has antimicrobial and disinfectant properties.

* The company’s proprietary Pure Clean solution disintegrates biofilm and is designed to maximize the removal of dirt, bacteria and mold on all surfaces, tiles, fixtures, furniture, drapery, and carpeting.

* The coils, fan blade, condensate line and drip pan in the air-handling unit (air conditioner/heater) in each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

* When a standard hotel room is first converted to a Pure Room, the space undergoes a high ozone shock treatment for the complete elimination of viruses, bacteria, germs and odors.

* A Pure Shield is applied to specific surfaces in the room, which provides long-term protection from mold and bacteria growth. This Pure Shield is a patented bacteriostatic barrier used to repel microorganisms that can cause illness and distress.

* In order to provide protection from dust and dust mites, the room has allergy-friendly, soft, washable mattress and pillow encasings.


The most noticeable aspect of staying in a Pure Room was the quality of the air. It was clean, light and very pleasant, and I could breathe easily and comfortably throughout my entire stay, including when I was sleeping.

This was particularly important after long days on the trade show floor, where 85,000 people were packed into one place. Having a super-clean, sanitized hotel room where I could get a good night’s rest was of paramount importance — and a real luxury.

Now that I have stayed in three different Pure Rooms and having come to truly understand the value of this offering, I firmly believe that these hotel rooms have raised the bar for healthy traveling. Furthermore, when I now think about which hotel I will stay at next, the first thought that enters my mind is “I sure hope there is a Pure Room in that city.”

Luckily, many hotel operators across the country are also seeing the value of a Pure Room and that is why leading chains such as The Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Westin, Hyatt, Hilton and Embassy Suites are now making Pure Rooms available to their customers.

Without question, Pure Rooms will soon become a must-have amenity for any wellness-minded traveler and to find one on your next trip, click HERE.


(After learning about the company last fall and so impressed by its offering, I decided to partner with Pure Wellness to help promote what the company is doing. All wellness-minded travelers need to know about these hotel rooms.)

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  • @Hatherley, We do understand that many of the guests that prefer our rooms, are sometimes multiple chemical sensitive. Therefore, in order to make sure the Pure rooms are enjoyable for those people, we work hard with the hotel to ensure an acceptable environment. As a part of our close relationship with all of the hotels we are in, we work closely with housekeeping department to ensure an allergy friendly room. We advise them to not use air freshener in the rooms and refrain from any scent as much as possible. All of the Pure Rooms consist of a hypoallergenic environment including: allergy friendly bedding, purified air and treated surfaces. Currently, in the Pure Rooms the only scent in there is the Tea Tree Oil. The Tea Tree Oil is a small cartridge placed in the heating and cool air handling unit in each hotel room. The Tea Tree Oil is used in our program to minimize growth of bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew in the air handling system. We do understand that the scent from the Tea Tree Oil can be unpleasant or bothersome to certain individuals, therefore the cartridge has been designed to be easily removed by the engineering department. If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of a Pure Room, without the Tea Tree Oil present, we would be happy to make arrangements to have it removed prior to their arrival to the hotel. We can have this done as many hours as possible before you check in, to ensure the air purifier eliminates any remnants of the scent. Additionally, we can have the hotel clean the linens differently as well as the surfaces without any chemicals. If you find a Pure Room they would like to book, please reach out to me with all of the questions and concerns you have.

  • Hatherley says:

    Tea Tree oil blown out into the rooms from the air handler unit is not healthy for the lining of your lungs.

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