• I will surely not DARKEN THE DOORWAY to Whole Foods ever again, unless they change their evil ways, which isn’t likely. For 40 years I’ve been eating organic and BIODYNAMIC FOOD and grown my own. Here in Vermont, although not exactly perfect, our GMO-labeling law was FIRST in the country! Now defunct due to the greed and sly evil meetings behind closed doors of the OTA with greedy CEO of Whole Foods. So good to hear about Organic Farmers Association. However, the North American Association of Biodynamic Farmers has been in exist and for a long time. Their biannual conf. is this year 16-21 Nov. 2016 in Santa Fe. Please join us!

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Martha, I have been thinking about going to New Mexico but don’t know if it will fit with my travel schedule. The NOSB meeting is in St. Louis the week before.

  • I am a long-term fan of Dr Bronner’s products, and have renewed respect for the company based on their resignation from OTA for selling out. Very disappointed in Whole Foods, a company that pretends to talk the talk but doesn’t walk the walk…I have stopped shopping there in protest.

  • Will McNair says:

    Iam a organic personal chef and the food revolution is here!! Let’s all come together to get the word out about eating organic and keeping the pesticides out of our food! Let’s boycott all conventional food!!

  • Glamma Les says:

    Max, are you sticking by Whole Foods, even after their deception ? I continue to boycott them since the video of their CEO was released.

  • Jean says:

    Thank you for the positive news!

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