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GMO OMG is an Important Movie That Every Person Needs to See

Recently, I saw the widely anticipated movie GMO OMG and walked away very, very impressed.

The film, about one family’s crusade to understand the disconcerting world of genetically-modified food, succeeds for two main reasons.

One, it does an excellent job of explaining the many aspects of GMOs (genetically-modified organisms) – what they are, the key arguments surrounding the GMO debate, uncovering how prevalent GMOs are in our society, detailing the serious health risks that they pose – in easy-to-understand terms.

Aside from the fact that the whole GMO situation can be incredibly confusing to most people, a large percentage of our population doesn’t even know what GMOs are, something that this film exposes and hopes to change.

Yet, there is a simple explanation for why most Americans do not know what GMOs are: major food corporations have spent hundreds of millions of dollars fighting against the labeling of GMO-foods. Why have they done this?

If people see a “Made with Genetically-Engineered Ingredients” label on a food product, they’ll start asking questions and may avoid purchasing it. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the conventional food industry to keep the American consumer in the dark.

The second reason why this movie succeeds is because it shows a family overwhelmed by GMOs, which makes the film very relatable. As we see in GMO OMG, transitioning from conventional (GMO) foods is not an easy task, especially when traveling. Kids are too young to be concerned about GMOs – they just want food that tastes good – and parents have to weigh the convenience factor into the equation.

Overall, this documentary does a great job in breaking down the complicated world of GMOs and educates the viewer that GMOs pose a real danger to humanity.

Without question, GMO OMG is a film that every single person needs to see.


GMO OMG is currently playing nationwide. To find a screening near you, click HERE.

On a personal note, I want to send HUGE THANKS to Nature’s Path for helping to make this film happen.

Aside from playing such a key role in financing GMO OMG, this amazing company has committed hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight for GMO-labeling. Please continue to purchase their great products.

(With Rimjhim and Arjan Stephens, part of the founding family of Nature’s Path, at the GMO OMG after-party at The Standard Hotel in New York City on September 12th, 2013.)

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