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Top 5 Organic Products of Expo East 2022 in Philadelphia

For the second year in a row, Natural Products Expo East returned to Philadelphia, and I enjoyed my time in the city much more than I ever anticipated.

Not only was it great to see all of my friends again in the industry, but I ate incredibly well at two phenomenal restaurants — P.S. & Co. and Vedge.

I also saw some fantastic and innovative products at the show, with a few of them in the condiment category.

Here are my Top 5 Organic Products of Natural Products Expo East 2022.


An absolute staple in Korean cooking, gochujang is a red chili paste that also contains glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, salt and sometimes sweeteners. One might consider it similar to sriracha but spicier.

As a huge fan of Korean cuisine, with kimchi being one of my favorite foods, I am always on the hunt for an organic gochujang. Yet, with approximately 50 trade shows behind me, I have yet to come across one. Until now.

Thanks to the Korean food conglomerate Sempio, there will soon be an organic gochujang, as this product is expected to hit shelves in 2023. It is also gluten-free, vegan and Non-GMO.

I can’t wait!



It is very easy to go to the supermarket and think that organic bulk commodities, such as rice, coconut oil or nuts, are all the same.

However, that is absolutely not the case. Quality and supply chains can vary greatly.

And that is precisely the market that SIMPLi, one of the hottest up-and-coming organic brands in the industry, is tackling.

Founded in 2020, SIMPLi is bringing the best single-origin ingredients from around the world to the U.S., and the company is doing it in a way that equally benefits farmers, the environment and consumers.

At Expo East, SIMPLi introduced the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified® chia seeds.

Chia seeds are rich in nutrients and omega-3 ALA fatty acids, and when they are available for sale, these chia seeds will be the gold standard when it comes to quality, environmental impact and benefit to the farmer.

Launching across retail channels in early 2023.



If you are a fan of mustard, you are going to absolutely flip out over the new organic miso mustard from HealthSavor.

It is crazy delicious and insanely satisfying to the palette, providing a savory depth of flavor.

The mustard is made by taking cultured apple cider vinegar and combining it with Miso Master’s signature soy-free chickpea miso, mustard seeds, turmeric, piperines and a proprietary blend of spices.

Not only does it taste great, but what mustard actually offers gut benefits, via its cultured ingredient?

HealthSavor’s organic miso mustard is packaged in a recyclable squeeze bottle that is certified plastic neutral, and it is gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. The mustard is also devoid of common food allergens and contains no added sugar.

If I had to pick one product that “won” Expo East, this would be it.

Available for purchase on the company’s website.



I first learned about cupuaçu about a decade ago from Frederick Schilling of Big Tree Farms, who was including this Brazilian fruit in his chocolate.

Yet, ever since then, I have rarely come across it in the U.S.

So, when I stopped by the Amafruits booth at the show and saw that the company was importing and selling it frozen, I was thrilled.

Cupuaçu is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and it is believed to help support healthy skin and hair because of its saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. The taste is similar to a mixture of chocolate and pineapple.

This is going to become a staple in my morning smoothie, and the frozen organic cupuaçu is available for purchase on the company’s website.



There are a handful of brands that are mainstays in the organic seed cracker market, notably Mary’s Gone Crackers and Flackers.

But soon, we may need to throw another brand into the mix — Top Seedz.

Winner of the Good Housekeeping Healthy Snack Awards for Best Seed Cracker, this upstart from Buffalo produces a range of different seed crackers.

However, my clear favorite of the bunch was the cumin crackers. Earthy yet refreshing, they are made with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cornstarch, extra virgin olive oil, cumin seeds, cumin powder, garlic and sea salt.

Vegan and gluten-free, these outstanding cumin seed crackers from Top Seedz are sure to get the attention of many people who love a good and healthy crunch to snack on.

My full recap of the 2022 Natural Products Expo East show is on Organic Insider here.


A message from Tradin Organic

Why Tradin Organic is Prioritizing Regenerative Organic Farming

At Tradin Organic, we believe that regenerative organic farming is key to growing healthy and nutritious food ingredients — for now and for future generations.

And in Sierra Leone, we have grown the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certified cacao.

Learn more.

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Most notably, the company gives 8.6% of its revenues to hundreds of different causes. Yes, 8.6% of revenues — a staggering amount.

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The reality is that the older we get, the more responsible we become about decreasing our sugar intake.

And while reducing the amount of sugar we consume may be the smart thing to do for our health, it is not always the easiest habit to embrace.

Luckily, there are companies such as Foodstirs — a brand that completely understands the needs of the modern consumer. We want super-clean, organic ingredients that are sustainably-sourced but a product that does not force us to sacrifice taste.

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Ozuké – The Best Organic Kimchi I’ve Ever Had

When I review organic food products, I do my best to make sure that they are available either online or at retail locations throughout much of the country, so readers can go buy them.

Sometimes, however, my excitement about a product is so strong that I have to make an exception.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, not only was I fortunate to have eaten at Dr. Andrew Weil’s restaurant True Food Kitchen for the very first time, but I was also lucky enough to have discovered Ozuké kimchi by the Esoteric Food Company.

For the most part, sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented foods is a very regional business.

So, wherever you go in the U.S., there tends to be a different local producer of these foods.

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