Pressed Organic Pomegranate Juice at Organic Avenue

It doesn’t happen very often but I had one of those moments the other day. Yes, one of those moments when I come across an organic product that really blows me away.

The last time I felt this way was when I discovered Grower Pete’s Lettuce.

This time it was the pressed organic pomegranate juice at Organic Avenue, a well-known raw food and juice take-out place here in NYC.

Most organic pomegranate juice that can be purchased at a supermarket is either from concentrate or is mixed in with other juices.

The one that I got at Organic Avenue wasn’t pasteurized or made from concentrate or mixed in with any other juice. Furthermore, and most importantly, it was freshly pressed.

As I write about often, I am huge fan of pressed organic juice. Not only is it more nutritious but it just tastes better.

While pomegranate juice is not unusual, pressed organic pomegranate juice is. Until a few days ago, I had never seen it before. And I have had my fair share of pressed juice over the years.

The Juice

The taste was slightly sour but it was so incredibly clean, refreshing and rich in flavor. I could vividly remember what pomegranate seeds taste like and the juice resembled that sensation exactly. It was amazing.

What I also really liked was that the sweetness did not overpower me. It just made me want more and more. Really good juice will do that to you.

Since I knew that pomegranate juice was loaded with antioxidants and had a very high ORAC score, comparable to blueberries, that had a big impact on me as well. It made me feel as if I were reaping the enormous health benefits immediately. The juice felt so good going into my body.

Unfortunately, the woman working there said that procuring the organic pomegranates was not easy and that this was a one-time, Valentine’s Day promotion only.

I am sincerely hoping that Organic Avenue management decides to make pomegranate juice part of its regular juice menu because it is the best product that I have ever purchased there.

If you can get your hands on a bottle of pressed organic pomegranate juice, do so immediately. You won’t be disappointed.

Very nice work, Organic Avenue!


  • Max Goldberg says:

    Hi Penelope,

    You may be a bigger fan than I am!!!! It is truly a fantastic drink.

    Ok, the “girl” at OA. I don’t want to grow up either. Maybe that’s why I am not married at 41 y/o. 🙂

    See you soon at the store!!

    Live well,

  • Penelope (of Organic Avenue) says:

    It keeps blowing me away again and again each morning when I start my day with it…it’s too bad the pom isn’t here to stay.

    I have one correction for you though, Max…I am the GIRL working at OA. I’m comforted daily by the belief that I’m not a grown up or anything resembling such, especially not something as elegant as a “woman”. Shop girl for life!

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