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Organic Passover — What Are The Options?

With Passover coming up soon, I wanted to talk about organic food options for this holiday since many people don’t even know they exist.

For me and many others out there, holidays do not mean a holiday from eating healthy food.

Regardless of how special the day is, I never want to be putting pesticides or synthetic growth hormones into my body.


This is the first time that I’ve ever come across mini-matzoh. I guess it is for kids or people who think that the standard size matzoh is too big.

Someone in Aviv’s marketing department must have been working overtime on this one.



Finding certified organic, kosher meat is a serious challenge.

I only know of one kosher and organic vendor, Wise Organic Pastures, and they are currently sold out of most of its beef. The other day I spoke with someone at the company and he said that there is a 50/50 chance that they will have more meat available prior to Passover in a few weeks.

The best bet is to keep checking in with Wise Organic Pastures.



Organic wine is growing in popularity since many people want to drink wine that is made with grapes that have not been sprayed with chemicals. The other issue with organic wine is that it is made without added sulfites.


Several food items on the seder plate, such as horseradish and gefilte fish, that have both the organic and kosher certification are simply not available.

If you do have flexibility in terms of some of the items being kosher and literal interpretation of the seder meal, here are some possibilities:

– The charoses is normally a combination of nuts, apples, wine and cinnamon as a reminder of the mortar the Jews used in the construction of buildings.

One substitute could be organic almond butter. The texture is thick and this substitute would work really well on the seder plate.

Beitzah is typically a roasted egg and represents a symbol of life and the perpetuation of existence. One alternative could be organic honey.

I have been told that without bees, humanity would not survive more than 4 years. They are that essential to agriculture and human life.

Karpas is a vegetable, celery or parsley, to represent hope and redemption.

Organic dandelion could also be used. It is a very nutritious weed that is becoming increasingly popular, especially at farmer’s markets.

– For dessert, One Lucky Duck will ship you some phenomenal raw, organic and vegan blonde macaroons. One Lucky Duck is one of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC and everything they do is top-notch.

Have a great holiday!!

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