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My Favorite Organic Restaurants in NYC


While there are other very good organic restaurants in NYC, these are just my personal favorites.


Why I like it?

– Their chickpea burger in a gluten-free wrap is reason enough for Ellary’s Greens to be on this list.

– A broad and diverse menu that appeals to my many dining moods.

– The entire dining experience is just so, so pleasurable. From the friendly wait staff to the soothing decor to the cleanliness of the restaurant, going to Ellary’s is extremely enjoyable and relaxing.


Why I like it?

Sacred Chow consistently delivers excellent vegan food in the heart of Greenwich Village. I had the quinoa with walnuts the other day and it was mind-blowing.

– I truly believe that chef/owner Cliff Preefer is one of NYC’s most unrecognized culinary stars. If there is someone in this country who can make tofu better than Cliff, I have yet to meet this individual.

– Low-key environment yet sophisticated dishes. Unique and new specials appear all of the time.


Why I like it?

– From the founder of Le Pain Quotidien, Alain Coumont has rolled out Le Botaniste, a new plant-based, all-organic concept with inventive and phenomenal tasting food.

– Reasonable prices, especially considering the portion sizes and complexity of the dishes.

– Warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere. It is an absolute pleasure to spend time there.



Why I like it?

– A truly undiscovered gem in Brooklyn, Sun in Bloom serves very light and delicious vegan food.

– The gluten-free, dairy-free apple pancakes are outrageously good and the Bella Divine might be the best salad I have had in NYC.

– The tables are very comfortable, the space gets a lot of bright light and there is a great selection of health-related books to read while you are waiting for your food. Currently, it is my favorite place to go for brunch.


Why I like it?

Rockin’ Raw is incredibly unique. Where else do you find Peruvian-Creole raw food?

– Innovative dishes, very consistent, and fantastic seaweed salads.

– The atmosphere is probably my favorite of any organic restaurant in NYC. Very low key, relaxed, comfortable, soothing, welcoming. Not fancy or pretentious at all. I could hang out there for hours.


Why I like it?

– The Green Radish isn’t an actual restaurant but a vegan food truck, primarily stationed in Midtown Manhattan. This is an area of NYC where there is a serious lack of organic restaurants.

– The crabless cakes are one of the absolute best dishes that you will find anywhere. It blew my mind. Overall, the food is incredibly hearty and fresh.

– Chef/owner James Rafferty spent time as the sous chef at Bouley, one of the most respected restaurants in NYC, and he knows what he is doing in a major, major way.


Why I like it?

– The food at Hu Kitchen is incredibly fresh and great tasting, and the extensive menu caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

– The Mashbar concept within Hu Kitchen is something really spectacular. It takes the traditional frozen yogurt bar to a whole new level and is very, very innovative.

– Fantastic service, and an extremely pleasant environment to have a quick meal. No table service, which is something that I quite often prefer.



Why I like it?

Seasoned Vegan is a gem of an organic restaurant in Harlem, where you don’t find a ton of organic places.

– Fantastic energy in the restaurant, friendly service, an owner that walks around greeting guests.

– The raw “burger” is excellent but what steals the show is the “crawfish”. This might be the most impressive dish I’ve ever had at an organic restaurant in NYC. How they prepare it is a big, big mystery but it is AMAZING!!! It is a must-order and is worth the trip alone.


Why I like it?

– There is something about the energy in Chelsea Market, the building where The Green Table is located, that is very intoxicating. It probably has a lot to do with the Food Network being upstairs and the building being the home of the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) in the early 20th century. This building has a serious history of food.

– Spectacular farm-to-table food with a diverse selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The one word that comes to mind when I eat at The Green Table is fresh. Everything tastes so, so fresh.

– Because I can take my father here. He feels like he’s at a restaurant that he would normally go to (he’s not too into the whole organic food scene) and he can also get his vodka (albeit organic, not Grey Goose) on the rocks.

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