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Top 5 Non-Organic Food Products at Expo West

I saw many cool non-organic products (both food and non-food ones) at Expo West and here are the five that impressed me the most.


I don’t think there was one product, either organic food or non-organic food, that captivated me more than these eco-friendly kids toys.

The paper for the coloring kit is made from reclaimed limestone, and is bleach-free, waterproof, erasable and environmentally degradable.  And, the crayons use soy ink.

I just absolutely flipped over these Endangered Species products.


Again, a product that I absolutely love.

Aside from their salad dressings, salsas and relishes, Zukay makes a raw, fermented vegetable beverage with no sugar. At Expo West, they officially launched their Super Green flavor.

Despite the fact that all of the ingredients are organic, the drink is not certified as organic.

However, Zukay founder Scott Grzybek expects this to change as certification is only a few months away.

(Side note: Zukay’s salsa is one of the most unique and amazing food products I’ve ever eaten – a fermented salsa. It wasn’t at the show but try it if you can.)



The guys from Big Tree Farms seem to be setting the bar very high for themselves.

Last year, they blew me away with their coconut palm nectar.

This year it was their Coco Hydro.

What is Coco Hydro exactly?

It is evaporated coconut water that comes in powder form. So, all you have to do is add water.

Co-CEO Frederick Schilling explained to me that coconut water is 98% water and it is illogical to ship heavy coconuts around the world, especially if almost all of it is water.

I couldn’t agree more, and it took me about two seconds to realize how much sense this product makes.

In the past, I have talked about my conundrum with organic coconut water, and Coco Hydro seems to have gotten around all of these issues. Really well done.


Most of the time when we wash our hands in the bathroom, we use paper towels. Think about how much waste that is if we add up the hundreds (or thousands) of times we wash our hands.

People Towels is addressing this problem with its reusable, lightweight, 100% organic and fair trade cotton towels.

Imagine how much less waste we would have if we all carried around our own People Towel?

Again, another product that makes so much sense.


Prior to Expo West, I had never heard of kava. Now, I will never forget it.

Kava is a plant that is mostly grown throughout the South Pacific islands, and I was told that it is a staple at social functions in this part of the world.

Ground up in powder form and used as a tea, Kava King sells its kava as a remedy to promote relaxation and to help people deal with anxiety.

I can’t speak to the health benefits or risks of kava but this stuff packed a serious punch for a few minutes there on the trade show floor.

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