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Back to the Juicing….with This Green Combination

With the last few weeks being very hectic, between traveling to Expo East in Baltimore and then organizing the GMO-labeling fundraiser in NYC, certain things had gotten off track.

More specifically, my yoga practice was not as regular as I would have liked and my diet could have been better.

Even though I was still eating all organic, the quality and frequency of my meals were not where they should have been.

Yet, it is precisely in these busy times that we cannot compromise what we put into and how we treat our bodies.

When the stress is high, the immune system is weaker, which makes us vulnerable to getting sick, and poor lifestyle habits do not allow us to perform at our maximum level.

So, this was a good lesson (reminder) for me going forward.

Having caught my breath, I am now getting back to juicing in a big way.

Yesterday, I made about 50 ounces of organic green juice using celery, dandelion, ginger, lemon, and radishes.

Dandelion is a weed and definitely needs ginger and/or lemon to even it out. The same with radishes; they can have some bitterness to it.

Overall, this combination definitely worked and it was one of the better ones that I have made in a while.

I frequently put up pictures up of my juice for a very specific reason – I want to encourage other people to get into juicing.

For the wedding of my close friends up in Boston, I bought them a juicer and this is the note that the wife sent me yesterday on Facebook, talking about the impact that juicing has had on her life.

“Max, it is unreal in so many ways. I seriously have never felt better.”

Her response is not atypical and is very similar to what many other people have to say when they incorporate juicing into their daily routine.

If you want to change the way you feel and improve your energy levels, get a juicer. Don’t delay because feeling good is not something that you want to postpone.


Without a question, a juicer is my most important appliance, not just in the kitchen but in my whole apartment.

And what I have is the Green Star 1000. A veggie wash is also a must and what I use is the fruit/vegetable wash from Vermont Soap Organics – the only fruit/vegetable wash that I recommend.

If you are new to juicing and want to start off with a less expensive machine, try the Breville.

The two juicers use a different extraction method, and that accounts for the significant difference in price.

The Breville is a centrifugal juicer (the blade that spins around creates more heat and oxidation) and the Green Star uses a twin-gear motor (slower and less oxidation).


Do you juice? If so, how often and what machine do you have?

Please leave a comment below as I’d love to know what other people are doing in regards to juicing!

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