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NYC Fundraiser for GMO-Labeling Was an Amazing Night

On Monday night in New York City, we had our fundraiser for Proposition 37, California’s GMO-labeling initiative, and it was a phenomenal night.

Approximately 75 people packed GustOrganics and filled the room with THE BEST energy. Individuals came in from South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, and upstate New York. Why did they travel so far to attend this event?

Because they know how critical it is that GMO-labeling gets approved in California, and they wanted to show their support and be with other people who care so deeply about this issue.

During our 3-course dinner, we had three speakers: myself; my co-host Vani Hari (FoodBabe.com), who talked about her experience at the Democratic National Convention where most politicians were completely clueless about GMO-labeling; and Tara Cook-Littman, who spoke about the GMO-labeling initiative in Connecticut and the effort to get GMO-labeling approved in nearly 15 other states across the country.

Alberto Gonzalez (Owner of GustOrganics), Vani Hari

Frederick Schilling (Owner of Big Tree Farms), Vanessa Barg (Owner of Gnosis Chocolate)

The event raised seven thousand dollars for CA Right to Know, and it provided an opportunity to increase awareness about GMO-labeling and California’s Proposition 37.

Without the support of our amazing 11 sponsors, this night could not have been possible. A HUGE, HUGE thank you goes out to the following companies who showed their true commitment to organic.

Dr. Bronner’s

Organic Avenue

BluePrint Cleanse


Hu Kitchen

Naturally Savvy

Gnosis Chocolate

Two Moms in the Raw

Little Duck Organics

Navitas Naturals

Lundberg Family Farms 

Also, thanks to BluePrint Cleanse who donated two cleanses and copies of their book, to Organic Avenue who gave juice gift cards to all attendees and donated one juice cleanse, and to Gnosis Chocolate for donating a chocolate gift basket.

with Vani Hari

Tara Cook-Littman

I also want to express my sincere gratitude to mi buen amigo Alberto Gonzalez, owner of GustOrganics, whose team did a spectacular job serving us wonderful organic food, and to Vani Hari, my good friend and co-host for this special night.

For those who came or made a donation to the fundraiser, I am touched and greatly appreciative.

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