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Feel Food in NYC Gets an A+ for Innovation and Taste

If you live in Greenwich Village in NYC, as I do, it is time to come clean. We are completely and utterly spoiled. Why?

Among other reasons, this neighborhood must have the greatest concentration of organic restaurants, supermarkets, and pressed juice bars of anywhere in the world. And with the recent opening of organic restaurant Feel Food, we may now have the most innovative restaurant of them all.

Founded by two Latin American veterans of the food business, Argentine Fernando Aciar and Colombian Gaeleen Quinn, Feel Food is offering products that I have never seen before in an organic restaurant. There is a very heavy emphasis on superfoods combined with a strong international flair.  Here are some of my favorites.


Yes, this quinoa bowl with sprouts is as good as it looks.


This wrap made from fermented rice and lentils was crispy, filling, and beyond delicious. One is not nearly enough.


If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know my obsession with black sesame seeds. Last year, I wrote about my concoction of creating black sesame seed milk, but never have I seen a restaurant or juice bar do something similar. Until now.

This black sesame rose milk was rich and smooth, and so were the cashew, turmeric, & ginger and matcha cardamom milks. What phenomenal combinations!


Again, I have never seen bee pollen-fennel or calendula rose waters before. LOVE these!!!

The idea was to create a super-healthy beverage at a much lower price point than Feel Food’s pressed organic juices.


I wrote about sun-dried bananas at Natural Products Expo East 2010. While sun-dried bananas may not look too appetizing, I can assure you that they are one of the most delicious foods on the planet. Pairing them with almond butter was brilliant.



Feel Food specially imports caju, a superfruit from the cashew tree, from Brazil, and I have never seen it before in New York City.

Don’t go to Feel Food expecting an extensive hot item menu because you’ll be disappointed. However, what it does have is of serious quality and very unique, and it offers a wide array of fresh and pressed juices, smoothies, prepared foods, baked goods, and raw desserts.

The other aspect that I love about Feel Food is its seating area in the back. The space has great energy, is surprisingly comfortable, and always has excellent music playing at the correct volume levels. (Most restaurants completely fail when it comes to music.)

Overall, Feel Food has created a very enjoyable eating experience, and I give the two founders major kudos for raising the bar when it comes to introducing very innovative and healthy food.

I have added Feel Food to my Favorite Organic Restaurants in NYC.

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