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Farmageddon, a Must-Watch Movie, is Now Available on DVD

If you’re a new reader to my blog, you may not be aware of a very important documentary called Farrmageddon.

Last year, I wrote several posts about this movie and also screened it for a fundraiser that I held to raise money for The Center for Food Safety.

Farmageddon exposes the USDA’s brutal crackdown on farmers selling raw milk and how the agency’s heavy-handed, corrupt and politically-motivated ways have destroyed the lives of small, organic farmers trying to do the right thing.

This documentary is even more relevant now because of the huge battle we are facing to get genetically-modified food (GMOs) labeled.

Between the GMO-labeling fight and the USDA telling us what food we can and cannot eat, our rights as American citizens are being violated to a ridiculous extent, all in the food arena.


Up until this point, there has been almost no way to see Farmageddon unless you hosted a special screening of the film or saw it in the limited release theater run.

The good news is that Farmageddon just became available on Amazon, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, XBox, Playstation, VUDU, Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, and Cable on Demand such as Comcast, Infinity, and Time Warner Cable.

People with Netflix can queue it up, but Farmageddon won’t be available to rent via DVD or streaming until there is a longer list. So, add your name to the queue.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I strongly, strongly suggest it. Click HERE to read why I believe that it is such an important documentary.

Overall, I am becoming more optimistic about imminent change in our food system because (a) the truth is on our side; and (b) awareness is growing.

Between pink slime, the Just Label It campaign, the California ballot initiative to label GMOs, 13 million acres of super-weeds in the U.S., and outrage about the proposed GM-corn resistant to the highly toxic 2-4, D pesticide that is being proposed, people are starting to wake up and realize that the USDA and FDA are not promoting food policies that benefit American citizens.

The current policy enriches the chemical and seed companies while sickening our people, our land, and our water.

Momentum is building but we need everyone involved, demanding a better, more honest system.

And one that favors organic –  instead of GMOs, synthetic growth hormones, and toxic pesticides.

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