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Expo West – Day 2 Recap

Today was my second day at Expo West.

I spent all morning in the press room writing/editing three posts and then walked the floor (in Section E on the bottom floor) in the afternoon. For the most part, Section E is where the newer organic brands are located. The more seniority you have (the more years you’ve been coming to the show), the greater likelihood that you are upstairs on the main floor.

I always find some great stuff in Section E, however. I don’t want to show you a lot of what I saw because I am still in the process of deciding which products will make my Top 5 Organic Products and Top 5 Non-Organic Products of Expo West.

Here are two interesting things that I came across, though not organic:

VeggiDew (site is still under construction). It is fermented vegetable juice but contains no sugar. Never heard of fermented vegetable juice but apparently it is popular in some small village in China I was told. The taste was refreshing.

Picabi – Carbonated coconut water. Again, I’ve never seen this before.

Here are a few of my friends that I saw down in Section E. Great people, great companies, great products.

Fellow New Yorker Elizabeth Stein, founder of Purely Elizabeth. Elizabeth unveiled her fantastic granola cereal at the show.

Brad Emerman from Takeya, the company that makes my favorite glass water bottles. Takeya is BOOMING! Glass water bottles are the future.

Zachary Carson from The Sustainable Living Roadshow. Super-sharp guy. I hope to collaborate with Zachary in the future on some organic food projects.

I also shot a video with Adriana Kahane of Dream Foods International where we discussed her amazing Italian Volcano Organic Juices.

Tomorrow, the last day of the show, I will be spending my time on the main floor and visiting with many of my friends up there.

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