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Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice – My New Favorite Bottled Organic Juice

While many of you know that I am huge fan of freshly-made pressed organic juice, I do drink bottled juice as well.

I’ve been drinking Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice for a few years now and have really come to love it as of late.

There are three primary reasons why I like it so much:

1) The taste is very, very unique. It is slightly tart, very refreshing and unlike any orange juice that I’ve had.

Also, The Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice tastes incredibly healthy. As the juice goes into your mouth and down your throat, you can almost feel the nutrients pouring into your body.

2) The orange trees are grown in phenomenal soil. On livingmaxwell, I tend to repeat a few different phrases over and over again.

One, I am a water fanatic. Two, it is all about the soil.

Very healthy soil means that the food grown in it will be very nutritious. And vice-versa.

The soil quality in the U.S., even soil that grows organic food, is pretty poor.  We have spent decades destroying our soil with toxic chemicals and pesticides. As a result, we are lacking many important minerals in our food and this could partially explain why we are such an unhealthy country. As a people, we are de-mineralized.

The Italian blood oranges used for this juice are grown in a special region of Eastern Sicily near the Mt. Etna volcano where they benefit from the rich volcanic soil and cool ocean breezes. Furthermore, the European Union has recognized this region as a special zone of production for red oranges with the “Indicazione Geografica Protetta.”

3) High levels of Vitamin C The red pigmentation of the blood orange may look unusual but it contains a higher concentration of Vitamin C than a regular orange. According to the Italian National Health Institute, a glass of Italian Volcano Orange Juice can have twice the Vitamin C as a glass of regular orange juice.  Based on how I feel when I drink it, I don’t doubt it at all.

Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice is definitely not for everyone, however. Its taste is quite different than the cartons of orange juice that we grew up on, and kids may very well not like it at all.

For me, I can’t get enough of the stuff. This product rocks.

Italian Volcano Blood Orange juice can be purchased online and is available at stores nationwide.

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