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There is A LOT to Love About Ellary’s Greens in NYC

Several months ago, a new restaurant opened in New York City called Ellary’s Greens. When I read the website, which promoted itself as “natural and organic”, and made a phone call to see how much of the menu was indeed organic, the response I received was “we get as much organic as we can.”

I hear this answer a lot, which doesn’t really tell me much. And to be honest, it doesn’t make much of an impression either. So, I avoided going to Ellary’s Greens.

And what a huge mistake that was.

After finally visiting the restaurant in-person and speaking to the warm, vivacious, and incredibly passionate owner, Leith Hill, I learned that Ellary’s Greens is extremely committed to organic – anywhere from 95% to 100% of the menu is organic. If something is conventional, it is only because the supplier does not have it in stock and the restaurant will inform you if this is the case.

Having been allayed of this concern, I saw first-hand what I was missing out on – a fantastic menu and a beautifully designed restaurant in a great location in the West Village.

Over the last several weeks, I have been to Ellary’s Greens numerous times, and these are a few of my favorite dishes.


I think this is the absolute star of the show. Made with escarole and roasted tomato jam, this sandwich is as good as any that I have had in NYC. Amazing flavors and texture. Just awesome.

It is also a favorite of my good friend Anne-Marie Van Dijk, fashion model and founder of CLEANSE, who is always asking me if we are meeting up at Ellary’s Greens, so she can order this.


Made with green beans, sweet potatoes, and coconut milk, this dish has great balance and just the right amount of spices.


It is amazing that a non-Asian restaurant is putting out a dish with such a beautiful flavor profile. I love this one.


This curly kale salad comes with toasted barley, roasted crimini mushrooms, and butternut squash, and is dressed with a cider vinaigrette. Very refreshing.


I think the picture says it all. It is made with blueberries, strawberries, banana, and a choice of milk. Instead of nut milk, I always have them use Harmless Harvest coconut water.

Aside from the fantastic food, there are two other things that I really like about Ellary’s Greens.

One, the place is spotless. I am growing increasingly aware (concerned) about food safety, and it is essential that the restaurant I eat at is very, very clean.

Two, Ellary’s Greens is just a pleasurable dining experience. Everything about the place is comfortable – the wait staff is friendly, the environment is calm and soothing, and the decor is appealing.

Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Ellary’s Greens and regret not going there sooner. If you’re looking for a fantastic organic restaurant in downtown Manhattan, this is one place that you’ll want to check out.

Also, I have added it to my Favorite Organic Restaurants in NYC.

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