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What’s in My Fridge? Well + Good NYC Just Wrote About It

Well + Good NYC, a great New York City blog that focuses on health and wellness, just did a profile of me and my fridge.

In the post, you will see what’s in my fridge and learn:

– Why my fridge is not completely stocked

– My juicing, eating and food shopping habits

– Whether I ever stray or not from eating healthy

– Some of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC


Here are a few follow-up items to the article, in case you were wondering.

What is each organic food item in the picture (l to r)?

Top shelf: Cashew nut milk, brazil nuts (always keep nuts in the fridge – last longer), raw cacao powder (not sure it is necessary to keep in the fridge but i do anyway), Premier Research Labs cod liver capsules (most fish oil capsules are rancid — this is THE top brand of supplements, not available at health food stores), DeSouza liquid chlorophyll, E3 Live

Middle Shelf: Wheatgrass, washed and cut kale and celery for juicing, cold-brewed green tea for smoothies

Bottom Shelf: Hummus, blueberries

Why will I not eat fish but take fish oil capsules?

The fish oil capsules I take are specifically tested for mercury.

How do I view food?

I view food as medicine. I get into it much more HERE.

Are there other organic restaurants that I go to?

Yes, many.  Here is the post I did about some of my other favorites.

New ones have recently opened, and I will be updating this post in early 2012.

A message from Tradin Organic

How Tradin Organic is Helping Coconut Farmers in The Philippines

For more than a decade, Tradin Organic has been working with local partners in The Philippines to bring a diversified range of organic products to the market, such as coconut oil, tropical fruits and even cocoa.

The company is helping to support local farmers by assisting them with technical support and organic certification, in addition to paying Fairtrade premium on top of the organic premium.

Learn more.

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