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What’s in My Fridge? Well + Good NYC Just Wrote About It

Well + Good NYC, a great New York City blog that focuses on health and wellness, just did a profile of me and my fridge.

In the post, you will see what’s in my fridge and learn:

– Why my fridge is not completely stocked

– My juicing, eating and food shopping habits

– Whether I ever stray or not from eating healthy

– Some of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC


Here are a few follow-up items to the article, in case you were wondering.

What is each organic food item in the picture (l to r)?

Top shelf: Cashew nut milk, brazil nuts (always keep nuts in the fridge – last longer), raw cacao powder (not sure it is necessary to keep in the fridge but i do anyway), Premier Research Labs cod liver capsules (most fish oil capsules are rancid — this is THE top brand of supplements, not available at health food stores), DeSouza liquid chlorophyll, E3 Live

Middle Shelf: Wheatgrass, washed and cut kale and celery for juicing, cold-brewed green tea for smoothies

Bottom Shelf: Hummus, blueberries

Why will I not eat fish but take fish oil capsules?

The fish oil capsules I take are specifically tested for mercury.

How do I view food?

I view food as medicine. I get into it much more HERE.

Are there other organic restaurants that I go to?

Yes, many.  Here is the post I did about some of my other favorites.

New ones have recently opened, and I will be updating this post in early 2012.

A message from Tradin Organic

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