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My Tulsi Tea Smoothie for Breakfast

In many of the organic smoothies that I have written about in the past, I have either used hemp seed milk or Brazil nut milk.

For some reason, however, these nuts and seeds haven’t been going down so well lately. Why?

It probably has something to do with all of the green juice that I have been drinking – my body (my blood) appears to have become very alkaline and is rejecting these foods.

So, this morning I made a smoothie with organic tea as the base in order to change things up.

If you’ve never had a smoothie with tea, I strongly suggest it. Not only do you avoid having to make nut milk, but you get the added benefits of consuming tea.

Here is how I made this smoothie.

– I brewed two large glasses of tea last night and put them into the fridge before going to sleep, so they would be cold when I got up this morning.

For tea, I used tulsi by Organic India, a brand that I really like a lot. Also known as Holy Basil or “The Queen of Herbs” in India, tulsi has fantastic antioxidant, stress reduction, and immune boosting properties.

– With the tea in the blender, I added two bananas and two scoops of Nutiva’s hemp protein powder, one of my favorite organic protein powders on the market.

– I used no coconut palm sugar or unfiltered honey, but these could be added if you prefer something a little bit more sweet. For me, the bananas were more than sufficient.

– The blender that I used was a Blendtec. It is an investment but if you use a blender often, which I do, it is very well worth it.

This smoothie was incredibly satisfying and light. Most importantly, my stomach had no issues with it at all.



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