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Rockin’ Raw in NYC Lives Up To Its Name – It Totally Rocks

UPDATED AS OF 11/14/14: Rockin’ Raw is now open everyday except Tuesday.

If you ask a majority of the people who are plugged into the organic scene in NYC what their favorite restaurants are, there is a decent chance that Rockin’ Raw won’t get mentioned.


Maybe because it is tucked away on a pretty quiet street in Greenwich Village.

Maybe because it is a pretty small restaurant and doesn’t seat that many, so the absolute number of people going there and talking about it is not that great.

Maybe it is has fallen off people’s radar screens – it used to be in Brooklyn, closed for a while, and then re-opened in Manhattan several months later.

But whatever the reason, it is a real shame because this Peruvian-Creole raw vegan restaurant is a true gem.

Aside from having fantastic raw food, Rockin’ Raw has an amazingly calm atmosphere. Especially when I go there during the day on the weekend, I truly don’t feel like leaving. It is one of those places that you just want to hang out for hours.

Here is some of the organic food that I have eaten recently at Rockin’ Raw.


Rock star awesome. Jalapeños covered in sunflower “cheddar” cheese.



Flavorful, great texture, and super-healthy. It is made from kale, dulse, spiced pumpkin seeds, shaved red cabbage, avocado, and dressed in a house vinaigrette.


Rich, filling, and fantastic crust.


Is any description necessary? Just look at how gorgeous this smoothie is. So decadent and so satisfying. It was made with a coconut base.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a big fan of Rockin’ Raw and have just added it to my Favorite Organic Restaurants in NYC. Definitely give it a try next time that you’re in Manhattan!

Rockin’ Raw is now open everyday except Tuesday, and is located at 171 Sullivan Street (b/w Houston and Bleecker) in Manhattan.

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