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I Love Seeing Pressed Organic Juice with Sprouts

As I have been writing about for the past year or so, I have been trying to juice with sprouts as much as possible. Why?

According to the Hippocrates Health Institute, the key benefits of sprouts include:

– Increased vitality, energy, and vigor from the large amount of enzymes.

– 10 to 100 times more enzymes than fruits and vegetables when eaten within the first seven days of being sprouted.

– Powerful antioxidants which help fight free radicals and aging.

– The minerals and nutrients are easily absorbed into the body.

Given my penchant for these superfoods, I was very happily surprised last week to find a pressed organic juice company in Boston, Revitalive, that uses sprouts.

In their fantastic Lean Green drinks, they include sunflower sprouts, which are high in protein, trace minerals, and Vitamin D.

The fact that Revitalive is using sprouts makes total sense, given the training that the people at the company have had.

The founders are heavily influenced by Ann Wigmore, the woman who brought us wheatgrass, and they spent time at her institute in Puerto Rico.

Anyhow, I was thrilled to find pressed organic juice with sprouts, and it is something that I’d like to see many other juice companies start to do.

Awesome job Revitalive!!!

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