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Organic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Whenever holidays come around, it doesn’t mean that I take a holiday from eating organic.

Since the majority of the world is not yet on the organic bandwagon (including most of my friends and family), it requires that we plan in advance and get resourceful. But it also presents a great opportunity to expose people to some excellent organic products.

Here are a few ideas for an organic Valentine’s Day.

Equal Exchange is selling a fantastic box called My Fair Valentine Cards & Candy.

Each set includes 24 Valentine’s Day cards and 24 fairly traded, organic dark chocolate minis. The colorful cards are illustrated with animals, and the informative bookmark explains where fairly traded chocolate comes from.

The My Fair Valentine Cards & Candy box is one of the most creative organic Valentine’s Day gifts I have seen. It can be purchased online and at select retail locations.

– One of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC, One Lucky Duck, is selling organic chocolate hearts. They are raw, dark chocolate and can be purchased individually or in a pack of 5.

Anything that is made in the kitchen of One Lucky Duck is absolutely top-notch.

– If you’re looking for something unusual while still keeping with a chocolate theme, consider Tisano’s Cacao Tea. I profiled Tisano several months ago and it remains one of the most unique organic products I have ever come across.

– In the hunt for some chocolate whose red, purple and black wrapper matches the holiday theme?

If so, consider Lulu’s Chocolate. This organic chocolate is rich, smooth tasting, raw, and is made with coconut sugar, one of my favorite sweeteners.

Lulu’s has a special Valentine’s Day box of all 6 of its bars for $19, and it can be purchased online.

– Lastly, for those of who eat organic, it is vitally important to buy organic flowers as well.

The flower industry is a massive, massive industry in Latin America, most of which is non-organic.  As a result, a TON of pesticides is sprayed on the flowers and eventually makes its way into the water supply.  Furthermore, the chemicals sicken the workers.

The NY Times reported on this several years ago, and it did not paint a pretty picture.

I’ve ordered from Organic Bouquet several times before and have always had a very positive experience.

Have a fantastic organic Valentine’s Day!!

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