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Organic Avenue in New York City Receives USDA Organic Certification

When I found out the other day that New York City-based Organic Avenue became USDA certified organic, I got pretty excited. (Yes, these things seem to excite me.) But why was I so happy?

There are several reasons.

– As far as I know, there is no other company in the U.S. that sells unprocessed, unpasteurized, pressed juice that is USDA certified organic. So, this is the first of its kind.

Many other juice places say that their pressed juice is organic, or organic when available, but who really knows for sure.

With Organic Avenue, I never had those doubts but the certification will now give the general public the same level of confidence.

“The process Organic Avenue is dedicated to has always included pure, organic ingredients – no substitutions. While we’ve always adhered to the highest standards in what is now an almost-16,000-square-foot kitchen facility, our USDA organic certification is a further demonstration of our unwavering commitment to the environment, people and animals,” stated Denise Mari, founder of Organic Avenue.

– Given that Organic Avenue sells thousands of its juices on a daily basis in the New York City area, it means that more people will become familiar with the USDA organic seal and what it represents.

– As a supporter of the USDA National Organic Program, I am hopeful that more restaurants and pressed juice places will follow the lead of Organic Avenue and GustOrganics, New York City’s first certified organic restaurant, to get certified themselves.


The company is now in the process of re-doing its labels and packaging, so expect to see the USDA seal on its juices, salads, and other products very soon.

This is a fantastic move by Organic Avenue and is a win for both consumers and the industry alike.

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