GustOrganics’ Alberto Gonzalez on Having a Certified Organic Restaurant

In this interview, I sit down with Alberto Gonzalez, the owner of GustOrganics. What makes GustOrganics very unusual is that it is a certified organic restaurant.

While there are plenty of organic restaurants in NYC, GustOrganics is the only one that is certified as organic by a third-party certification agency, NOFA-NY.

Alberto discusses with me what it means to be certified organic, what percentage of his food is organic and what the process was like to become certified.

The fact that GustOrganics is certified clearly demonstrates his incredible commitment to organic. Well-done, Alberto! I hope many other restauranteurs follow your lead.


  • julie c says:

    I ate there twice i gave it another chance the coffee was cold when i got it and the ladies room was not that clean infact alot of the restaunt looked dirty to me. but saying that i still gave it one more try..
    DONT LIKE IT!!!!!

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