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Kur Delights, a Fantastic Organic Snack, Officially Launch in the U.S.

There were several highlights from last year’s 2011 Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore.

One of them was staying at the amazing Inn at the Black Olive hotel, the most green hotel that I have ever visited.

Another was speaking on one of the panels at the show titled “Allergies, Additives and Special Diets” – the first trade show panel that I was asked to be on.

And another one was a memory I have of driving back home to New York City from Baltimore. I was absolutely famished and reached into my bag looking for a food sample that I had received at the show.

I pulled out a Kur Delight, ripped open the wrapper, and bit into it. To this day, I vividly remember saying to myself “Wow, this is amazing.” I could not believe it how great it tasted.

Needless to say, I went on to name Kur Delights as one of my Top 5 Organic Products from the show and have been in touch with company management ever since.

Due to production problems, however, the product launch in the U.S. had been delayed for months…..until now.


There are several reasons why I like Kur Delights so much.

1) Kur delivers a decadent but healthy tasting treat with very clean ingredients.

2) There is no added sugar or syrups. Whenever I buy a chocolate or some type of sweet snack, the first thing I look for is what is being used as a sweetener. With Kur Delights, they are using nothing but fruits, nuts, and oils.

3) It is raw. While I am not a raw foodist, I prefer my snacks to be raw, so as to maintain all of the beneficial enzymes, nutrients and minerals.

Kur Delights, which are certified organic, Non-GMO certified, vegan, gluten-free certified, and dairy-free, come in three flavors and their ingredients are:

Brownie – (dates, cashew butter, cacao powder, almonds, cinnamon, essential oil of orange)

Coconut Cream – (dates, cashew butter, dried shredded coconut, cashews)

Dark Chocolate Mint – (dates, cashew butter, cocoa, cacao nibs, cashews, essential oil of peppermint)

My favorite flavor? They are all excellent, but I would say the Brownie.

Originally developed in Denmark, Kur Delights will undoubtedly be well-received in the U.S. and this is a brand to definitely keep your eye on.

Kur Delights are available at select retail locations across the country and also on the company’s website.

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