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Top 5 Organic Products from the 2011 Natural Products Expo East Trade Show

I just returned from Baltimore where I attended the 2011 Natural Products Expo East Trade Show, one of the biggest organic food trade shows of the year.

There were many fantastic organic food products that I saw but these five really captured my attention.


The Kur Organic Delights Brownie was one of the first foods that I sampled at Expo East and the taste absolutely blew me away.

When I was chewing on it, I said to myself “Wow, this is too good to be true.”

Think brownie but think healthy brownie and light brownie. This product is rich and decadent but not overly so.

The person who came up with this recipe at Kur is a bona fide star.

All of the ingredients are raw and organic, and include dates, almonds, hazelnut butter, cocoa, and essential oil of orange and cinnamon.

Orders will begin shipping November 15, 2011 and can be placed online.


Having never seen a drink primarily composed of camu camu, a wild berry from South America that contains the highest level of Vitamin C on the planet, I was immediately impressed.

The other reason why I really liked the 100% Raw Camu Camu Wild Tonic from Harmless Harvest was because the drink was refreshing yet not overly sweet. I am not a fan of foods or drinks that are too, too sweet.

The 100% Raw Camu Camu Wild Tonic contains nothing more than organic camu camu, organic honey and water, and will soon be available at retail locations nationwide.

Keep an eye on Harmless Harvest. This company has some other very cutting edge products which I will be profiling in the coming months.


I have never seen nut butter contain honey before but as soon as I tried the Wild Brazil Nut Honey Butter by Essential Living Foods, I was totally hooked. I literally couldn’t stop eating it. It was that good.

The honey provided a tinge of sweetness that many nut butters could really use. The taste was creamy and nourishing, and was unlike any other nut butter that I have eaten.

The ingredients are organic Brazil nuts, organic Brazil nut oil, organic raw honey, and pink Himalayan sea salt

The Wild Brazil Nut Honey Butter by Essential Living Foods will soon be available for purchase online and at retail locations nationwide.


Want some protein with your pasta?

Thanks to Mama Jess, you and your kids can now get your protein from a pasta sauce because it is made from beans.

Bean Good from Mama Jess has a much thicker texture than the standard pasta sauces we are accustomed to and had an extremely hearty taste. This organic product just makes so much sense.

The ingredients include organic tomato puree (water, organic tomato paste), organic great northern bean puree (organic great northern beans, water), organic onions, organic olive oil, organic garlic, sea salt, citric acid, and organic spices.

Bean Good from Mama Jess can be purchased online.


Without question, the organic coconut sugar by Madhava was the most innovative product of Expo East.

It wasn’t because I had never heard of organic coconut sugar before. In fact, I named coconut palm sugar as one of My Top 5 Organic Trends for 2011 and I use it all of the time.

What made such an impression on me was the packaging.

Instead of buying it by the bag, the organic coconut sugar by Madhava comes in a small shaker that can sit on a table for easy use, similar to how we have salt and pepper shakers.

I thought that this was pretty ingenious. Really, really well-done Madhava!!!

The product can be purchased online and at retail locations nationwide.

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