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Kelp Krunch – An Organic Energy Seaweed Bar

It is hard enough to get kids, or adults, to eat their greens.

Well, multiply those difficulties by 100 and that is how hard it is to get people to eat their sea vegetables. I am guilty of that as well and don’t eat them nearly as much as I should.

Sea vegetables, such as kelp, nori, wakame and dulse, are incredibly important for our diet because they are a tremendous sources of minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

Much of the world’s supply of sea vegetables comes from the waters off of Japan and with the recent earthquake there, many people are concerned that they have been tainted with radiation.

As I have written about before, all of the sea vegetables that are currently available in stores or restaurants were harvested last year.

This will become more of an issue later this year or early next year when the 2011 harvest goes on sale. And as soon as I get more information about the purity of this harvest, I will be sure to keep you all informed.

Now, back to the product at hand.

Kelp is one of the most beneficial sea vegetables because of its iodine content, and iodine plays an important role in regulating our thyroid.

Given that kelp doesn’t have the greatest taste to it, Maine Sea Vegetables has figured out a nifty way for us to consume it while also enjoying a sweet snack.

Kelp Krunch is an organic energy bar made from kelp (harvested off of the coast of Maine), whole sesame seeds, brown rice syrup and Maine maple syrup.

This bar is heavy on the sweetness, light on the saltiness, and extremely crunchy. When I finished eating Kelp Krunch, I thought to myself “Wow, this was really good. It was much better than I thought it would be.”

Aside from the fact that Kelp Krunch is gluten-free and vegan, part of the proceeds from this bar are donated to ALLIED WHALE, one of America’s oldest whale research, conservation and educational organizations.

If you’ve been wanting to start experimenting with sea vegetables or are looking for a healthy and sweet energy bar, definitely give Kelp Krunch a try.

Kelp Krunch can be purchased at retail locations nationwide and online.

On a side note, I have been purchasing dulse and kelp from Maine Sea Vegetables for many years and respect this brand a lot. Click HERE to read about their testing and purity.

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