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My Organic Juice Today – Celery and Broccoli Sprouts

As I wrote about the other day, broccoli sprouts have incredible health benefits.

More specifically, broccoli sprouts have 20-50x the amount of sulforaphane, a potent anti-cancer compound, than broccoli the vegetable.

And sprouts in general have tremendous amounts of minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Enzymes help provide energy to the body, which boosts the immune system and allows for detox.

For today’s juice I used just organic celery and organic broccoli sprouts.

The taste told me two things:

1) It was more bitter than I thought it would be. While it was less bitter than when I juiced with dandelion, it still wasn’t particularly pleasant to get down.

The next time I make this combination, I’ll be adding some lemon to soften it up.

2) Even though the taste was a little strong, I could tell immediately that what I was drinking was very healthy. There are days when you get that sensation, and today was one of them.

Juicing with sprouts is something that I will be doing on a very consistent basis going forward and the reason is simple. They offer superior health benefits than vegetables.

The next time you juice, give sprouts a try and let me know what you think.

In case you were wondering, the juicer that I used to make this celery and broccoli sprout juice was the Green Star 1000, and I washed the produce with the fruit/vegetable wash from Vermont Soap Organics – the only fruit/vegetable wash that I recommend.

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