John Schott of Lifefood Gourmet Discusses his Transition from Hardcore Raw Vegan to Meat Eater

Several weeks ago when I was in Miami, I stopped by one of my all-time favorite organic restaurants, Lifefood Gourmet.

Lifefood Gourmet is run by the super-talented John Schott, the person who first taught me about raw food and who also showed me how to make nut milk.

In 2007 when I first met John Schott, he was as hardcore of a raw food person as I had ever encountered. He ate 100% raw for eight years and strongly believed that this was the ultimate lifestyle.

So when I went back to see John Schott a few years later and he told me that he was now eating grass-fed beef, I almost fell off of my chair. I could not believe that these words were coming out of the mouth of someone who so firmly believed in raw food as a way of life.

In this interview, we discuss why he transitioned off of a 100% raw food diet, how he feels now, and what advice he would give to other people.

If you’re ever in Miami, absolutely stop by Lifefood Gourmet. The restaurant is incredibly committed to organic, and you’ll have some phenomenal food.


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  • Esther Cook says:

    Meat animals are bred for slaughter, so you save no lives by refusing to eat them. You prevent them from ever being born at all. Isn’t that one year of life better than nothing?
    In nature, too, most animals die as babies (younger than slaughter animals), but some survive for breeding.
    Factory farming is another matter. That causes suffering and harms the biosphere. I choose my meats carefully.

  • Rick Mades says:

    Great interview Max. Keep up the good work! It was very educational to hear from someone who spent so many years eating vegan and the positive physical changes from eating grass fed beef. For most people, a balance is probably healthy and that is what John has found out.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Thanks, Rick! I agree with you – the balance is what most people need and also listening to you body.

      Hope you’re having a good summer (in Maine?).


  • Talia says:

    Thank you for this interview. My brother and I have been vegan for over a year now and have recently switched to eating clean meat.. it really has made a difference in my digestion and how I feel. It’s challenging though, to have to change a philosophy by which I’ve been living for some time. It’s all about honestly and truly listening to your body. Thank you, Max!

  • Grant says:

    Thanks MAX for this great interview. Very interesting, will be sure to share it on FB and twitter

    Thanks Grant

  • I appreciate this interview! It’s a fresh perspective on healthy eating. I was a die hard vegan as well and now listening to my body closely, I started consciously eating fish occasionally. It’s great to see other people listening to their bodies and not just following a dogma. We have enough dogma in the world. The key is balance and I feel you nailed it with this interview!

    Thank you!

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Keyla,

      Thank you ! I am happy that you enjoyed the interview and are achieving balance in your life.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Live well,

  • Sanctus Germain says:

    Hi, I’ve been vegan for 17 years raw vegan for 12 and raw vegeterian for 1 1/2 years- I know John from his beginning and u should interview a raw veg who made it thru the lack of information and following all the hype first- the les u eat the stronger one be- animal protein will of course make One feel better initially u are toxic stimulating your whole physiology, -let’s talk in 3 years and see, lol ignorance is not bliss!

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Sanctus,

      Thanks for your input. Yes, let’s chat in a few years time. I’m interested to hear what you think at that point.

      Live well,

  • Kathleen Grant says:

    Great interview Max. I agree with John. It’s all about listening to your body and balance. I just met someone who recently went raw cold turkey and I shared the same concern about not getting enough nutrients in the long run.

    I’ve been a vegetarian in the past, but now I advocate local grassfed organic meats, raw milk and cheese and fermented foods with lots of organic veggies. I believe in supporting local farmers.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Kathleen,

      Thanks so much! Yes, it is all about listening to you body and health isn’t all about food. Emotions and environmental factors impact our health greatly.

      Live well,

  • Food Babe says:

    This was very refreshing to watch! I’m going to share on my FB page now… I can’t wait to dig into some of the science behind what John laid out about alkalinity of the human body… Thank you for sharing!

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Vani,

      Thanks for sharing it on FB!! Yes, let me know what science you dig up. I’d be eager to learn/hear.

      Talk soon!

      Live well,

  • Luis Arias says:

    Amazing interview Max, well done!
    And why I’m so excited about this regular interview?—Well, as it is said in the interview, here we have a less “religious, dogmatic” approach to the different health diets.
    That’s exactly what I need when it comes to information: different views, opinions and a diversity of options, including outside organic information, which is vital to form my own opinion.
    Thanks and keep reporting about raw and vegan diets also,


    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Luis,

      Thanks Luis and I’m very happy you liked it. I am trying to provide many different perspectives, so people can make informed decisions about what is best for them.


  • kerry surface says:

    great interview…lot’s of interesting points to contemplate. i guess you do have to listen to your body.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Kerry,

      Thanks so much! Yes, lots to contemplate and absolutely we have to listen to our own bodies above anything else.

      Live well,

  • Doug Siegel says:

    Wonderful interview! I agree with John. I am much healthier having transitioned from a raw and fruitarian diet to a balanced diet of animal products, raw fruits and veggies, and cooked foods too. Thanks for your work, Max.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Doug,

      Happy that you enjoyed the interview. It was one that I had been wanting to do for a while.

      Many people seem to feel the same as you – a more balanced diet works best for them.

      Live well,

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