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Hu Kitchen in NYC is a Total Winner

A brand new restaurant opened up in New York City called Hu Kitchen, and I am HUGE fan.

As Founder/CEO Jordan Brown explains in my interview above, Hu Kitchen represents “food for humans”, and the philosophy is about serving unprocessed, non-GMO food in a way that people have been eating for a long, long time.

Aside from the fact that it is just a short walk from where I live and work in NYC, there are several things that I love about Hu Kitchen.

1) The organic food is fresh and great tasting, and the diverse menu appeals to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

2) Hu Kitchen has something very unique and completely innovative called a Mashbar.

They’ve taken the traditional frozen yogurt bar and ramped it up a notch with organic superfoods, such as chia seeds and goji berries, along with dairy and non-dairy items.

The Mashbar could definitely be a standalone concept and has massive potential.

3) The service is excellent, and someone from ownership is always at the restaurant interacting with customers.

4) The water filtration system is as good as it gets, and I can drink the water without worrying that I am ingesting fluoride or chlorine.

Oftentimes, I have to bring my own water to organic restaurants because I don’t completely trust the filtered water that is being served there. At Hu Kitchen, it is a non-issue.

Overall, Hu Kitchen is a total winner and I am adding it to the list of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC. This place is fantastic.

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