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The Interesting Things That I Discovered at Green Festival NYC 2014

This past weekend I was at Green Festival NYC and had a fantastic time.

While these shows are not nearly as big as a Natural Products Expo West or Natural Products Expo East, they have definitely been gaining traction over the last few years.

More and more nationally-known organic brands are purchasing booths, and the overall number of booths is expanding as well.

What I particularly like about these shows is that they are geared toward the consumer and showcase a wide variety of eco-friendly products. Furthermore, they have fantastic seminars with some very interesting speakers.

After each Expo West, Expo East or Fancy Food Show, I always give my Top 5 Picks of the Show. For Green Festival, however, I am not giving out any awards but will instead show you some of the highlights of the day.


It’s always great to see Dr. Bronner’s, an awesome brand and an AMAZING supporter of GMO-labeling. I love their soaps, including this one.


I don’t eat much BBQ anymore but if you do, Bill’s Best Organic BBQ Sauce had a fantastic taste. Also, the story behind this company was very touching.

Bill, the founder of the sauce, is suffering from dementia and can no longer make this product. So, the family launched this line of sauces to honor him, and 10% of the company profits are being donated to the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.

To purchase this product, click HERE.


It’s always great to see TumericALIVE, one of my favorite organic brands. I’m here with TumericALIVE’s Olivia Palma, who kept me well-hydrated at the show.

TumericALIVE uses the very powerful Hawaiian turmeric root in its phenomenal drinks.

These juices can found at retailers nationwide, and click HERE for home delivery.


This is Penny Ann “Blessing” Horowytz, founder of Alive & Radiant kale chips. It was super-cool to finally meet her in person.

Alive & Radiant’s excellent kale chips can be purchased online.


While other superfood brands are more well-known, I believe the quality of Organic Traditions is as good as you’ll find. Among the new products they had, the one that stuck out to me was the Macaccino Drink Mix.

This product uses organic black maca, cacao, vanilla, and coconut palm sugar to create a “coffee-like” substitute. I have seen something similar at Rockin Raw in NYC but never in a pre-made package. Very smart and cool product!

The Macaccino Drink Mix can be purchased by clicking HERE.


I am constantly on the lookout for a great, eco-friendly hotel that serves organic food and unexpectedly found one at the Green Festival NYC. While I had always thought that the Inn at the Black Olive in Baltimore was as green/organic as it gets, maybe they have some competition.

The Tapia Inn in western Massachusetts, which has gotten rave reviews from The New York Times and others, serves a USDA certified organic breakfast and lunch/dinner can be ordered from nearby Berkshire Organics. Some of the other amenities include earth pulse therapy, liquid body yoga, organic bath products, chromatherapy spa tubs, LED lights, solar panel, and 100% biodiesel (vegetable oil) powers the hotel.

This place looks awesome, and I will definitely be going there soon. Stay tuned for my detailed review.

Below is the “floating bed” that they have in one of their rooms.


These kale & chia chips (chili lime flavor) from Vermont-based SuperEats were outstanding. They are Non-GMO Verified, and the company is in the process of receiving their organic certification.

I could have eaten the entire bag.


Lastly, I was fortunate enough to have been asked to participate on a panel called Achieving the Non-GMO Tipping Point: Labeling and Lifestyle. On the panel with me were my friends Alisa Gravitz, the President and CEO of Green America, and Alex Beauchamp, the Northeast Region Director of Food & Water Watch.

The crowd was very engaged and asked a ton of great questions, which was fantastic to see.

All in all, it was a wonderful day at Green Festival NYC.

Upcoming Green Festivals will be taking place this year in Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, so definitely try to make one if you can. Click HERE for the exact dates.

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