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Gallup Poll: 45% of Americans Seek Out Organic Food, Other Fascinating Data

Gallup Poll: 45% of Americans Seek Out Organic Food, Other Fascinating Data

Having been entrenched in the industry for several years now, I am quite aware of how popular organic food is in this country. Yet, the results of a new poll recently released by Gallup even surprised me. With organic comprising 4% of all U.S. food sales – nearly $35 billion – I was shocked to learn that […]

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Fresh organic farmers market fruit and vegetable on display

Having been entrenched in the industry for several years now, I am quite aware of how popular organic food is in this country.

Yet, the results of a new poll recently released by Gallup even surprised me.

With organic comprising 4% of all U.S. food sales – nearly $35 billion – I was shocked to learn that 45% of Americans are seeking out organic food.

But this isn’t just people of real means. 42% of Americans with a household income of under $30,000 are also seeking out organic food.

The data from Gallup is absolutely fascinating and it was broken down by:


table 1



table 2

Here were my initial reactions after seeing this data.

– Nearly half of Americans are seeking out organic food, yet organic food only has a 4% overall market share. That means two things to me.

One, there are serious problems of affordability and accessibility. People want organic but either can’t afford it or don’t have access to it.

Two, this is further evidence that politicians in Washington, D.C. completely ignore the desires of the American population.

If nearly half of the citizens in the U.S. want organic food, why aren’t our elected officials enacting policies that fulfill the wishes of the people that they are supposed to serve? This is because politicians are completely beholden to the lobbyists and major corporations who help keep them in office.

– While I wasn’t surprised that people in the West are seeking out organic the most, I was surprised to see people in the East seeking it out the least. When it comes to health and wellness, I guess the saying that everything starts in California and moves east definitely holds true.

– It was great to see that 42% of Americans with a household income of under $30,000 are also seeking out organic food. This shows that a very high percentage of people from all income brackets want organic food, the healthiest food available.

– The young people in our country (18 to 29) cannot be elected into office in Washington, D.C. fast enough. They obviously understand the importance of organic while people over 65 consider it to be much less critical.

– With roughly 30-40% of the population not giving any thought to organic, we still have a long way to go, in terms of educating the population about the benefits of organic.

– With roughly 15-20% of the population actively trying to avoid organic, should we be at all surprised that 41% of Americans are going to get cancer and 21% of Americans are going to die from cancer? This statistic about 1 out of 5 people trying to avoid organic was pretty disheartening.

What about you? What statistics did you find the most surprising? I’d love to know your thoughts and please leave your comments below.


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  • This higher cost is due to several factors.
    This means excluding food additives and genetically modified ingredients
    and avoiding the use of inorganic farming techniques such as chemical pesticides or crop irradiation. This all has happened
    because of the excessive and the careless use of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides during production. Secondly, this type of agriculture uses less water and non-renewable energy.
    Organic Trade Association, [OTA] (2006).

  • Esther says:

    Organic foods cost less today than food in general cost 50 years ago. The reason it SEEMS so pricey is because the USDA subsidizes Billionaires to grow candy and other chemicalized crops. Cut the subsidies out, and the prices will be very similar. Then the farmers will want to grow organic because the chemical-agriculture methods harm the soils.
    There is a major opportunity coming up to do something about it. In two weeks, the USDA will likely approve Agent Orange on American crops. Karma, some would say. But I think what we did to Vietnam was bad enuf and we need not repeat the horror here. If the USDA has no more integrity than that, then I want to cut their funding. I think this is gruesome enuf to catch the imagination of the general American public. We have to do that. Congresscritters cannot be re-elected if they oppose big-money interests unless Joe Sixpack has a very clear idea what is going on.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Esther,

      I agree with you and if they do go ahead and approve Agent Orange corn, it is clear proof that the health of American citizens is not nearly as important as corporate profits.

      Live well,

  • HH says:

    We earn less than $30K a year (I won’t say how much less!)
    My son likes to eat raisins every day.
    Grapes are listed among the Dirty Dozen, the most pesticide laden produce.
    So the raisins I will buy for him are always OG.
    I can’t imagine the pesticide load he would be carrying otherwise!

    Apples are a little harder, but I try, since we all like them.
    I’m grateful that the SNAP program allows me to have this choice.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Heidi,

      That is great you’re feeding your son as much organic as you can! One day, he’ll be very appreciative.

      Live well,

  • Caroline says:

    The number of people choosing organic foods are very much inspiring in my part. I am also one of the people who choose organic foods because I know that I can rely much better to that. Personally, I could say that organic foods are very trustworthy when it comes to my family’s nourishment. I am afraid to just buy conventional one because the preservatives are quite frightening.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Caroline,

      It is great to see you’re such a supporter of organic! Yes, those conventional preservatives are scary indeed.

      Live well,

  • John Van Dorp says:

    Can’t believe what I just read.So many people are trying to get rich off of Organic that do not know a damne thing about growing healthy nutrient rich food .They blame the ever increasing rate of cancer on non organicly grown food when so many forms of cancer are not even related to diet like skin cancer.Then you have a country that is controlled by large multinationals that will not even allow common everyday cures for cancer that other countries have into N.America forcing thousands of people to cut,burn and posion themselves to try and cure their body of cancer.Maybe if people knew they could get completely cured of it in countries like Switzerland Germany and Costa Rica naturally the Billion $$$$ scam will end and people will not have to continue to suffer the loss of their loved ones to cancer.

  • Mare says:

    Queens, NY offers almost NO organic food in our crappy supermarkets! We don’t have any Whole Foods and there’s only 1 Trader Joe’s and it’s a nightmare to shop at because it’s so crowded.

    I guess organic is considered a Caucasian, upscale niche and Queens is too low income and ethnic. Well – there are a lot of people that are being truly under-served in this arena. We have to schlep out to Fairway in Douglaston – a pain in the ass but we do it!

    Surprisingly, BJ’s has now stocks a lot of organic products – including a wide variety of spices and even coconut oil! Hallelujah! Too bad it’s such a crappy shopping experience. But one I will tolerate.

    When will Waldbaum’s and Key Food get on the stick and offer organic food, pastured dairy and meat, and wild-caught seafood? The Organic/Vegan/Paleo movements are huge and our stores are still stuck in the 60’s.

    Love your blog – keep spreading the word!

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Mare,

      Unfortunately, accessibility remains a real issue and hopefully that will change. If you and all of your neighbors put the pressure on the local markets to carry organic, maybe they’ll start.

      Thank you for your very kind words about my blog.

      Live well,

      • Shawna says:

        When we lived in a city in South Carolina, we were 10 minutes from the closest Organic store. Now we live in a rural small town in Indiana and drive 40 minutes to get organic food.

  • Yes those numbers are surprising and encouraging.
    This proves that organics is being driven by the consumer and if the momentum continues as it is now there will be many positive changes in conventional farming systems in the not too distant future.
    I only hope we are not too far behind you here in Australia.
    Thank you for bringing this information to my attention.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Kelvin,

      I agree, the numbers are surprising and encouraging. I was following closely that GMO-contamination case down there and hope that Australians are increasingly getting behind organic.

      Thanks for reading my blog from the other side of the globe.

      Live well,

  • Donald E. Lewis says:

    I am not surprised that more people are getting interested in Organic food. For all the many years they have been curing cancer the number’s keeps rising. It is getting out of hand with the children and women with breast cancer. I started Organic Dairy Farming in 1950 when the acid chemical fertilizer killed the earthworms. After three years of experimenting with both Organic and Chemicals I found Organic was superior in many ways. Have never used any chemicals since 1952.

    The Agriculture Colleges, FFA, USDA, EPA, FDA are all influence by the Power of Money that Monsanto, DuPont,Dow etc. favors them with. They do not realize that they are getting brain washed and taking back to the Farmers and Gardeners what they have been taught. Monsanto has 35 lobbyists in DC plus plants on every Agriculture Committee. There are Agriculture salesmen making millions selling farm chemicals. Farms are paying for it as the visible results look so good. Not any education or knowledge of the damage it is doing to the soil, water ways, atmosphere, animal and human health.

    The farmers and tax payers are going to be required to pay the 15 billion dollars to clean up the Chesapeake Bay by the EPA and the Obama Administration orders. The chemical companies will get of Scot free and keep poring on chemicals as everything will get worse. Soon there will be a point of no return to the fertile soil that humanity was blessed with by the Master. Chemical Companies controlled by the greedy have burned up the Organic Matter which is the basics of life on our Planet Earth.


    The saying goes that we are what we eat and Organic Food is being recognized as the best in quality, substance, taste and free of chemicals. For better health grown the Masters way.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Donald,

      Well said, and thanks for being such a long-time organic food supporter and farmer. You’re commitment is an inspiration.

      All the best,

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