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A Very Special Screening of Farmageddon This Weekend in Nantucket to Benefit The Center for Food Safety

As I have gotten older, my values have become much, much more clear.

Along with my family and friends, there may be nothing more important to me than health. And to me, good health is synonymous with organic food.

Unfortunately, however, we live in a country where organic food is incredibly marginalized and deemed not that important by our leaders. Why is this?

Politicians and the regulatory bodies that they oversee, namely the USDA and FDA, are utterly beholden to Big Ag and do everything they can to placate them.

While countries such as France and the Philippines are feverishly promoting organic farming, President Obama and his policymakers are pushing a genetically-modified food agenda.

While governments in Europe, Japan and Australia require the mandatory labeling of genetically-modified food, our leaders view the issue of labeling of GMOs as political suicide and don’t even consider taking it on.

While Hungary has completely banned GMOs and Haiti’s citizens burned Monsanto’s GMO seeds, our government spends billions and billions of dollars supporting GMOs via the Farm Bill.

Even though the organic movement is engaged in a David vs. Goliath match-up with Monsanto, we have a very important ally on our side – The Center for Food Safety.

Along with other food advocacy groups, The Center for Food Safety has literally kept numerous genetically-modified crops off of the market. How?

By constantly suing the USDA and Monsanto when the rights of organic consumers are not being protected.

So needless to say, it is a huge thrill to be able to sponsor a showing of the very important food movie Farmageddon this weekend in Nantucket with 100% of all ticket sales to be donated to The Center for Food Safety.

Putting on this fundraiser to benefit a non-profit that is so dear to my heart is the absolute highlight of my 18 months of writing livingmaxwell.com.

I interact with the staff at The Center for Food Safety on a regular basis and interview Andrew Kimbrell, the Executive Director, whenever possible.

And I can say with complete conviction that this is an amazing organization filled with extraordinary people, and the organic industry is truly blessed to have them defending our interests.


One of the reasons that I wanted to show Farmageddon is because it exposes how our government is destroying the lives of small, organic farmers around the country and is violating the civil rights of its own people.

As this movie points out, there is a real injustice taking place in the U.S. and our rights as food consumers are also being taken away by the USDA. We are losing our ability to choose what we want to eat.

Farmageddon is a movie that should make all Americans feel very, very uncomfortable.

The showing will be this Saturday at 4PM on Nantucket. After the movie, Kristin Canty, the filmmaker, and I will be holding a Q/A session and we’ll be giving an update as to the movie’s impact so far and the latest organic food news in Washington D.C.

Seating is very limited and all ticketing information can be found HERE.

Even if you cannot make the movie, please sign-up for the mailing list of The Center for Food Safety and consider making a financial contribution. We need the help from as many people as possible.

Thanks so much for your support and interest in organic food. I sincerely appreciate it.

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