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The CLEAN Team Threw a Great Bash on Saturday Night

If you don’t know who Dr. Alejandro Junger is, remember his name. His star is on the rise, and he is making his way to becoming a household name similar to Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Alejandro Junger (above) is a NYC-based cardiologist whose New York Times  best-selling book and detox program are both called CLEAN. With endorsements from Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Donna Karan and many others, CLEAN is gaining some serious traction.

Aside from the fact that I hear so many success stories about CLEAN, I am convinced that this program will grow for another reason.

When Dr. Alejandro Junger and Dhrumil Purohit, the CEO of the company, both spoke at this great party I attended on Saturday night here in NYC, each one of them repeatedly used the words community and values. That really made an impact on me. There is real integrity here.

CLEAN hosted the party in a huge loft in Soho along with Gnosis Chocolate and We Like it Raw. Organic Avenue served their awesome elixirs and Sun in Bloom provided fantastic food.

(L to R: Mia Andres Santos from Organic Avenue, Isadora Guimaraes)

The reason for this party? Just a great excuse to get CLEAN’s friends and many people in the organic community together to hang out, listen to music and dance. Events like these seem to be happening more and more in the city, and it is wonderful to see.


If you’re interested in the CLEAN program, stay tuned. I spoke with Dr. Alejandro Junger at the party, and he and I are going to shoot an interview very soon for livingmaxwell, in both English and Spanish.

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