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Chipotle Video #2 – What Organic Consumers Must Do Now

The other day I posted a video about how Chipotle claims to be 100% GMO-free, yet it continues to use meat and dairy products from animals that are fed GMOs.

I remain uttlerly convinced that is incredibly misleading, and I have not changed my stance about this one iota.

As I explained in the other post, the type of feed that the animals are eating is of tremendous importance and MUST be considered when making the non-GMO claim for animal products. Yet, Chipotle refuses to do this because it would complicate its marketing message of being 100% non-GMO.

While I find Chipotle’s non-GMO claim to be very misleading to consumers, there are two other things that I need to address and go deeper on.

1) The company has made steps in the right direction.

It is now using non-GMO ingredients in its cooking oils and tortillas. (Remember that non-GMO ingredients can still be sprayed with toxic pesticides.)

The most significant change, however, is that Chipotle is using organic tofu in its sofritas.

2) Chipotle acknowledges that its meat and dairy come from animals that have been fed GMOs.

And this is a serious problem that cannot be overlooked.

The primary reason that we grow GMOs is to feed animals. In the U.S., 90 million acres of genetically-modified corn is grown in the U.S. and a majority of that is for animals.

So, if we really want to put a dent into GMO demand, we need to have animals consume non-GMO or organic feed. While there is unquestionably supply issues for non-GMO and organic feed, it is something that Chipotle must make the switch to.

On its website, the companys says that it is “working hard” on this challenge. But I don’t know what that means exactly and no timeframe has been set as to when they will make the switch.

Chipotle may, in fact, be working on the GMO-feed issue but as we have seen, the more pressure we put on companies, the faster that we will see changes.

What we must realize is that the only way to decrease demand for GMOs is to have fewer animals eating them.

Please email Chipotle and tell the company on its Facebook page that it must switch entirely to dairy and meat products from animals that have been fed organic or non-GMO feed.

I have taken both actions. Will you?

Thank you so much.

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