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Don’t Believe the Hype: Chipotle is NOT 100% GMO-Free

UPDATED AS OF 9/1/15: Chipotle is now facing a class action lawsuit for misleading customers into believing that its food is GMO-free. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WARNED PEOPLE ABOUT IN THE VIDEO SEVERAL MONTHS AGO. Read about the lawsuit HERE.

You may have heard the news that Chipotle is now 100% GMO-free and that the restaurant is now cooking with only GMO-free ingredients. On its website, the company proudly boasts that “when it comes to our food, genetically-modified ingredients don’t make the cut.”

Yet, when you look at the details of what is truly going on, you’ll see that that these ingredients absolutely DO MAKE THE CUT.

First off, if you were an organic dairy and you fed your animals GMO-feed, you would NEVER get your organic certification. The feed must be organic to get organic certification.

Similarly, if you were a dairy producer and wanted to get Non-GMO Project verification (the Non-GMO Project is an independent, 3rd party organization that does field testing to determine if a product is GMO or not), you would never get the Non-GMO Project verification if you were feeding your animals GMO-feed.

Yet, Chipotle believes that since the animals themselves are not genetically-modified, the restaurant chain can therefore tell its customers that it is cooking with non-GMO ingredients. That is why this is so misleading.

To determine if an animal product is GMO or not, the type of feed that the animals are eating must be taken into account. Chipotle, however, conveniently side-steps this one very, very important point.

So, don’t believe for one second that you can go into Chipotle and order anything you want, thinking that it is non-GMO. Because it is just not true.

And I haven’t even mentioned the sodas, whose corn syrup is made with genetically-modified ingredients.

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