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My Dinner on Saturday Night at Caravan of Dreams in NYC

On Saturday night, I got together with an old friend of mine from business school who I hadn’t seen in ages.

Since she lives in the East Village, we decided to go eat at Caravan of Dreams.

I like Caravan of Dreams because it is organic (of course), always has live music at night, serves both cooked and live food, has the top water purification system and offers a great selection of superfoods. This is what we had.


Nothing in these nachos was cooked above 118 degrees. The chips were made primarliy from chia seeds and were dehydrated. The rest of the dish had guacamole, salsa, olives and almond nut sour cream.

This was a fantastic dish. Really awesome — flavorful and nourishing.


I seem to get this practically every time I go to Caravan of Dreams and yet keep coming back for more. I guess I am a creature of habit.

This salad was super-fresh and soothing.  It had avocado, mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, nori, carrots, and a thai citrus dressing.


My friend went with the paella, and it was spectacular. She kept saying how good it was throughout the meal.

Even though I lived in Madrid for my last semester of college, paella was never really something that I took to but this one was very appetizing.

It had saffron rice, grilled tofu, vegan sausage, artichokes, peas, and cilantro. The chef really nailed the flavor.

Caravan of Dreams is one of my favorite organic restaurants in NYC. To see the others, click HERE.

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