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HUGE NEWS: General Mills to Label GMOs, Becomes Second Major U.S. Food Company to Do So

Following in the footsteps of Campbell’s Soup, General Mills has just announced that it will label all GMOs in its products.

In its press release, the company says that with Vermont’s GMO-labeling bill going into effect on July 1st, it wouldn’t make sense to label GMOs in its products just for that state. So, whatever GMO-labeling requirements that Vermont will mandate, General Mills will put those same labels on its products for every state in the country.

General Mills also has a webpage which will outline exactly which of its products contain GMOs or not.


This is massive, massive news, and to get a second major food company to start labeling GMOs means that the dominos are falling and Big Food is finally coming to terms with reality.

General Mills, with its $820M acquisition of Annie’s and its commitment to double its organic farmland to 250,000 acres by 2019, is clearly seeing what those of us in the organic food world see — that organic is the future and consumers want to be told what is in their food.

Personally, I believe that Annie’s CEO John Foraker had a lot to do with General Mills’ change in policy. Annie’s is the shining star within the General Mills portfolio, and John has been unwavering in his commitment to organic and GMO-labeling, even inside of a major food company that has been resistant to GMO-labeling for far too long.

With Campbell’s Soup and now General Mills agreeing to label GMOs, it won’t be long before the rest of Big Food does the same and American consumers will finally get what consumers in 64 countries around the world have — the right to know what is in their food.

Please go to General Mills’ Twitter feed and tell them you appreciate them making this very smart decision.

Thank you, General Mills!

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