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Best Trade Show Booths from Natural Products Expo West 2014 – Suja, Bitsy’s Brainfood

Even though much of the talk at Natural Products Expo West usually centers around the new products being unveiled, I always like to recognize the companies that put extra effort into designing the most interesting and imaginative trade show booths.

To me, it speaks volumes about the companies who go the extra mile to create experiences that are both unique and memorable.

At Natural Products Expo West 2014, two booths really stood out and interestingly enough, it was the same people who took home the prize in 2013 as well.


At this time last year, Greg Fleishman was Chief Marketing Officer for Sambazon and the person responsible for creating that company’s award-winning tiki booth.

This year, Greg is Chief Marketing Officer at pressed organic juice powerhouse Suja, and he achieved a similar result. If you combine these two accolades with all of the impressive product launches that he has overseen, Greg Fleishman is cementing his reputation as one of the best marketing executives in the industry. Period.

Suja’s booth resonated with me for two main reasons.

1) The three-dimensional “living wall” was brilliantly executed. It contained tons of positive and inspiring messages, and was filled with playful and interesting objects (Ron Burgundy doll, rollerskates, paddle board rackets, etc.) as well. This completely embodied the Suja brand and lifestyle in a creative way.

2) Excellent use of space. 1/3rd of the booth was a bar to serve juice, 1/3 of the bar was open space (which allowed for an impromptu handstand contest between Suja’s Founder Eric Ethans and Food Babe’s Lindsey Crisp), and the other 1/3rd was a comfortable seating area.

The design of the booth was well-thought out, sophisticated, functional, and inspiring. Equally as important, it never felt cramped when there were a ton of people at the booth, which seemed to be the case for most of the show.


Bitsy’s Brainfood, a manufacturer of organic brain-healthy cereals for kids and a repeat winner as well, knocked it out of the park with this year’s booth. Furthermore, they are demonstrating that big budgets aren’t a requisite for creativity.

There were two aspects of this booth that really made an impression on me.

1) The theme of being in a supermarket for kids was incredibly smart. After all, this is a brand for young kids and it fits perfectly with the products.

2) I loved the attention to detail and all of the accessories. With objects such as the bicycle, “Kids Aisle” hanging banner, little shopping carts, and the cereal dispenser, it was obvious that someone really got into the mind of a child and envisioned what a kids supermarket would and should look like.

Creativity at Bitsy’s Brainfood extends far beyond the trade show booth. Look below at how they are using the inside of their cereal box.

Overall, awesome job by Suja and Bitsy’s Brainfood. The time and effort that these two companies invested into their trade show booths is very much appreciated and quite an inspiration.

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