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Best Trade Show Booths from Natural Products Expo West 2013 – Sambazon and Bitsy’s Brainfood

In what is now starting to become a tradition, I am giving awards to the best trade show booths at both Natural Product Expo West and Natural Products Expo West.

Some companies put a tremendous amount of effort into their booths, and I want to make sure that they get recognized for this.

At Expo West 2013, two booths in particular caught my attention.


Many of the bigger organic food companies have completely lost their start-up edge and creativity when it comes to trade show booths.

Sambazon showed that it still has it.

Their booth had the look as if you were at some outdoor lounge in the Amazon – the wood paneling, the great bar, and the matching chairs and tables.

Equally as important, the fantastic aesthetics created a very unique and relaxed environment.

When I sat down with my friend Greg Fleishman, Chief Marketing Officer of Sambazon, it didn’t feel like we were at a trade show. We could have been at some bar on the beach.

This booth took A LOT of time and resources to create. Sambazon nailed it.


What I loved about the trade show booth from Bitsy’s Brainfood, a manufacturer of smartfood snacks for kids, was the garden in the back corner. There were little bricks, flowers, mulch, small signs, and a wheel barrow near the front.

It was a tremendous use of the ground floor, and they paid serious attention to detail throughout the entire space.

As soon as I came across this booth, I said to myself  “Wow, I am impressed. Someone smart put a great deal of thought into this one.”

Very, very well done!

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