• Mic says:

    Max, I am a big fan and love your insight and all that you do for organics, but I have mixed feelings about the Kashi “booth”. While I thought it was unique and captured the attention of passers-by including me, and was for a good cause, I also immediately thought about all the small, dedicated organic companies that scrap together their life savings to have a shot at a booth at Expo and then work their butts off at the show. I also thought of the many cool organic food companies that can’t even attend because it is just too expensive. I thought, wow, Kashi is so big and has so many resources that they can just drop around 50 to 100K (or more) on this prime show space and not even have anyone there to answer questions and explain/educate, etc. They should have had some transitioning and organic farmers there to explain, educate and add a ‘real people’ element.

    • Max Goldberg says:

      Hi Mic,

      Although Kashi was not giving out samples, they did have people standing at the booth explaining the Transitional Organic program that they launched. Also, I have given plenty of my previous awards to smaller companies in the past, many of whom have very limited budgets. I don’t want to penalize larger companies simply because they have bigger budgets. However, I also acknowledge that they have more money at their disposal and can get more creative.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      All the best,

      • Craig says:

        Although Kashi’s “booth” was probably very expensive, the point missed here is that their message was fundamental and for the educational benefit of all in attendence, including those who couldn’t afford to pull off such a memorable piece. As a relentless advocate for the “little man,” I feel the need to point out that while most booths pushed their own product (as is the whole purpose of a trade show), Kashi promoted the overriding cause.

        Another note: It doesn’t take much money to be creative. It takes insight and follow through.

        Nice job Kashi!

  • Judy says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing info about the really cool booths you found. Amazing.

  • Will Phillips says:

    Kashi really pushed the creative envelope to new levels this year while also driving home a critical message; very impressive!!

  • Colleen Lowe says:

    Thanks Max for bringing these awesome booths to our attention.

    Kashi drove home a message that needs to be heard not just in the USA. We so need ORGANIC FARMING to spread throughout North America.

    Way to go KASHI !!!

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